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10 Beach Towel Brands for Your Summer!

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10 Beach Towel Brands for Your Summer!

10 Beach Towel Brands for Your Summer!

Beach towels are indispensable when you go to the beach or have a picnic on the grass. The size of beach towels is larger than that of bath towels, but the pattern of beach towels is more abundant and the colors are more gorgeous than bath towels. It can be used to wipe body and cover body after sports when playing outdoors. So most people choose pure cotton products when buying beach towels. And which brand of cotton beach towels is more reliable?




The company mainly produces towel series products, high-end bedding, cloth decorations, bathroom supplies and other series of home textile decoration products. There are 5,000 varieties of products, and the company's annual production capacity is more than 170 million pieces.


2. Grace


The company always adheres to the implementation of brand strategy. The company has been awarded "Leading Sales of Similar Products in the National Market" for eight consecutive years. In the list of "China Manufacturing Independent Brand Value Evaluation" released by CCTV in December 2015, the company ranked first with a brand value of 6.01 billion yuan for three consecutive years.


3. FuRi


This company is a diversified enterprise group integrating traditional industries such as home textiles and photovoltaic cells and high-tech industries. It is one of the largest home textile companies in the world.




This company has a long history and rich culture, founded in 1986. After nearly 20 years of brand development, the company has become a large-scale enterprise group focusing on clothing, towels and textiles. The company has also developed into diversified fields such as financial securities and investment consulting.




It is China's largest exporter of towel products and one of the major manufacturers of towel products. The company provides a variety of towel products, including bath towels, beach towels, kitchen towels, towel quilts, towel cloaks and product portfolio.


6. EverShine


This company is a full-chain towel manufacturer with design, R & D, weaving, printing and dyeing capabilities.


7. Tu Qiang


The company is a listed home textile company, integrating independent product development, production, sales and logistics. The company provides high-end gifts home textiles, towel products, bedding, apparel and underwear.


8. Canasin


Since its inception, the company has always been committed to manufacturing top hotel fabric products. The company has achieved steady and rapid growth with high-quality products and service concepts.




The company was founded in 1947 and mainly deals in towels and textiles. The company has annual sales of 300 million US dollars, accounting for 40% of the Japanese towel sales market. It has business branches in Seattle, Frankfurt, Germany, Paris, and Singapore. It also has joint venture factories in Thailand and Pakistan.




The beach towels produced by this company are in style. With years of industry experience and various expertise in outdoor textile production, Lalifit has become one of the top suppliers and has spread all over the world in China and the United States. The company provides a variety of products, including microfiber beach towels, foldable beach mats, one piece swimsuits, two piece swimsuit, boy short swimsuit , bikini sets, etc.


For buyers, they are constantly looking for new things in the market. The company's research and development department has begun to produce new categories of products that will impress consumers and help consumers get more choices to meet customer needs. The company strives to produce high-quality beach products and is committed to providing outstanding solutions for each customer.

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