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10 Memorable Swimwear Movie Scenes

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10 Memorable Swimwear Movie Scenes

10 Memorable Swimwear Movie Scenes

The summer is coming. In the summer of 2020, what do you plan to wear on the beach? If you don’t have any ideas yet, please read on. Here are 10 memorable girls one piece swimsuit scenes in film and television works, hoping to bring you a beautiful summer inspiration.


1. "Dr. 007 Zuo Nuo"


The first thing that comes to mind is probably Hani Ryder played by Usura Anders in "Dr. 007 Zuo Nuo". The scene of appearing in the water in a sexy ladies swimsuit has also become a classic scene of the 007 series. Harry Berry also paid tribute to this classic moment in "007: Who's Fighting". 


2. "Hello, Sorrow"


In 1958, in the movie of the same name that adapted from the French novel "Hello, Sorrow", Jane's brick red one piece swimsuit modeling became a classic of the 1950s. In today's hot retro style, this red swimsuit can also become an inspiration for our beach choice.


3. "Holiday Excitement"


The movie "Holiday Excitement" directed by the Italian lead Luca-Guedanino in 2015 has brought many dramatic costume modelings under the influence of the Mediterranean sun. Guidanino even invited Raf Simons and Giulia Piersanti, the big names in the fashion circle, to jointly design costumes, so that the fashion relevance of the film instantly improved. Among them, Tilda Swindon's set of swimsuits attracted us. While appreciating the clothing, it also allowed us to marvel at how the 55+ year old Queen Tilda's figure was kept so good. 


4. "La Piscine"


Although the 2003 film "La Piscine" was a thrilling suspense film, but Julie played by Ludwin-Seniye's constantly changing full swimsuit modeling by the pool might turn the film into a fashion film.


5. "Stealing Beauty"


Bertolucci's film "Stealing Beauty" tells the story that Lucy, a girl played by Liv Taylor, who went to Italy from the United States to find her biological father after her mother died. In the film, the young girl swimsuit styling of Liv Tyler in the girlhood is believed to make you look forward to the coming of summer.


6. "Boogie Nights"


"Boogie Nights" is a film directed by Paul Mas Anderson in 1996 and starred by Mark Wahlberg and others, telling the story of Eddie becoming a superstar after being cultivated by pornographic director Jack. The famous pool shot in the film, although short, is enough to satisfy our imagination of a colorful summer day.


7. "Suddenly, Last Summer"


Elizabeth Taylor's cut out one piece swimsuit in "Suddenly, Last Summer" is quite fashionable even now. The design is simple and the low-cut V-neck allows her to show off her body on the beach even more brazenly.


8. "To Catch a Thief"


In Hitchcock's 1955 movie "To Catch a Thief", Miss Steven played by Grace Kelly plays a dangerous love game. In the play, she also wear swimwear on the French beach.


9. "The Talented Mr. Ripley"


The story of "The Talented Mr. Ripley" took place on the Italian seaside. The thrilling and compact story is not the focus of our conversation. The dream three-person combination of Matt Damon, Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow is our focus. The key point of the obsessed object is that in 1999, the three actors were at the peak of their appearance and style. When the three showed up at the beach, they could make up a wonder woman swimsuit fashion blockbuster.


10. "The Fantastic Water Babes"


In the 1944 song and dance film "The Fantastic Water Babes", a half pink and half green swimming costume with a bright smile basically outlines a wonderful summer.


If you are moved by the swimwear movie scenes and want to have a beach trip, hurry up to choose the most flattering swimsuit for your tour!

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