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10 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

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10 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

10 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

We are constantly conquering the ocean, but we are also conquered by the beauty of the ocean. We love the sea, when the summer is hot, we even love the beach, especially when wearing a beautiful and sexy flattering swimsuit. So, next, in order to let you better appreciate the beauty of the sea, we have sorted out the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world. Come and see if you like it.


1. Navagio Beach


Recommended reason: limestone cliff, the best combination of white and blue.


Navagio Beach is an isolated bay in the Zakynthos Islands and can only be reached by boat. This beach is the home of smugglers who once crashed at sea. The most obvious features are limestone cliffs, white sand beaches and clear blue waters.


2. Shell Beach


Recommended reason: the beach paved with shells is very romantic.


Shell Beach is located in Shark Bay, Western Australia. It is one of the two largest beaches in the world that are entirely formed by shells. The shells on the Shell Beach are piled up like mountains, spreading for a whole 110 kilometers, and formed by billions of shells, known as the most luxurious beach in the world. You can wear a red swimsuit on the beach, and it will be very dreamy.


3. "Starry Sky Beach" at Maldives


Recommended reason: Starry sky falls into the world, it is a dream encounter.


In fact, these beach "stars" are those glowing phytoplankton in the sea, including unicellular algae and cyanobacteria. Under the influence of external forces, they began to become active and become "wandering stars", emitting a romantic blue light at night. You can wear your favorite bandeau swimsuit and walk with your lover here.


4. Glass Beach


Recommended reason: the true expression of sparkling, even the beach is colorful.


Glass Beach is located in Fort Bragg, California. Seeing today’s glass beach, it’s hard to believe that such a beautiful place actually acted as a dump site for nearly 20 years. Later, the vast majority of heavier garbage was transported out of the beach, and the remaining tons of broken glass were gradually washed by the waves, scoured into colorful boulders. It is perfect for wearing a floral swimsuit here.


5. Lanikai Beach


Recommended reason: livable air and environment, light blue water and deep blue sky


In Hawaiian, Lanikai is "heavenly sea": "Sea of Paradise". Lanikai is one of Hawaii's most beautiful beaches. It is located in the small town of Kailua in eastern Oahu, what President Obama calls "home". It is the first choice for his family's Christmas vacation every year. 


6. Coral Beach


Recommended reason: When the blue sky and white clouds combine with the sea water here, it is the best place for you to forget trouble.


The beach here in Okinawa is not famous for its peculiar beauty, but it is the most suitable place for people to relax. Walking here with one piece swimsuit with skirt often makes people forget where they are. 


7. Boracay Beach


Recommended reason: long coastline, pure white romance.


Boracay Island is located in the central part of the Philippines. The entire island is only 7 kilometers long, but it has a white beach of 4 kilometers long, known as "the finest beach in the world". The white sand beaches, blue waters, and warm sunshine make Boracay a famous resort, with resorts and bars dotted all over the world.


8. Nantucket Island Beach


Recommended reason: the softest sand, the warmest sunshine.


Nantucket Island is the most popular island in the North Atlantic. The waters here are relatively calm, and the soft, fine sand can allow us to run freely on it. People wearing surfing swimsuit on the beach like to cover the whole body with these soft sands and lie on the sand for sunbathing, while children prefer to build the castle in their hearts with these sands.


9. Saint Martin Beach


Recommended reason: quietly enjoy everything that time brings to yourself.


Among the numerous islands in the Caribbean, Saint Martin combines French chic with the laid-back, beautiful and secluded beaches of the island. The 8-mile-long island and the wide beach make you enjoy sunbathing on the warm sandy beach illuminated by sunlight.


10. Tahiti Beach


Recommended reason: the world of mermaids, beautiful longing is the best expectation for here.


Tahiti, known as Love Island, is the largest of the 118 islands in the French Polynesia's five major islands, and is also home to the Polynesian Islands International Airport and capital. Overlooking the island from the air, Tahiti is like the mermaid in Andersen's fairy tale.


The beach always gives us the best longing, whether it is long or wide, pure or gorgeous. The beach is like a reflector, always reflecting the different beauty of this world and giving it to the people who come here. If you prefer to go to the beach, you should prepare some items, such as bikini, sand free beach mat, sun squad beach towel, etc.

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