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Attentions Should Be Paid When Wearing Bikinis

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Attentions Should Be Paid When Wearing Bikinis

Attentions Should Be Paid When Wearing Bikinis

The summer is coming. Presumably many girls are already intolerable, wanting to go to the big beach, wearing sexy halter neck swimsuit, running on the beach as much as possible. It’s fun. However, to think about such a hot day, wearing a bikini requires a lot of attention. If you want to have fun, just look at these precautions when wearing beach swimsuits, it must be very useful.


1. Apply Sunscreen


1) The Necessity Of Applying Sunscreen

Prolonged exposure will produce sunburn or cause acute dermatitis, also known as sunburn. To prevent the occurrence of sunburn, it is best to use an umbrella to shade after going ashore, or to rest in a shaded area, or to protect the skin with a beach towel, or apply sunscreen on the bare part of the body.


2) When Is It Applied And How Often?

Keep in mind to reapply once an hour, the sunscreen effect will be greatly reduced after going to the sea. Even if you do not plan to go to the sea again, even if you are lying in the shade of the beach, you should reapply in time. Sun protection should be prepared before swimming, it is best to apply some oily sunscreen, so as to avoid that the sunscreen will be washed away after long-term swimming.


Do not think that you don’t need sunscreen on cloudy days, the sun also has ultraviolet rays on cloudy days. It will become very strong after the reflection of the water, and the skin will also be sunburned, so as long as the skin is in contact with sunshine, we need to apply sunscreen.


2. When Going To The Beach, You Will Definitely Wear A Bikini, But If You Get Edema In The Morning, Wearing A Bikini Is Very Ugly, What Should We Do?


1) Drink 4~5 cups of barley water one day before going to the beach, it can help the body to drain a lot of excess water, but it will be effective the next day.


2) Using massage oil or slimming cream with drainage effect, knead and massage from bottom to top for about 15 minutes, the next day the body will be much lighter.


3) If you find edema in the early morning, you can drink black coffee on an empty stomach to quickly drain, but this method will stimulate the stomach and is not suitable for people with bad stomach.


3. Be Sure To Take A Picture While Wearing A Bikini. If You Want Beautiful Photos, These Details Cannot Be Ignored.


Remove the body hair on the bikini line, it is best not to use the method of pulling out. Once the hair follicle is damaged, sweat and sea water can easily cause skin infections. The scraping method is safe and simple, but you must keep the razor clean. It is best to use alcohol for disinfection, because the skin on the bikini line is very sensitive.

4. Some girls will not choose the bikini that suits them. They feel that they have a bad figure. In fact, the choice is the key.


1) H-shaped

It’s okay, there are halter one piece swimsuits with side cutouts, and even many are more sexy and fashionable than three-point bikinis. Use the uneven lines to guide the vision, and this is the legendary S-shaped body.


2) Big Breast

In fact, girls with the big breast also have troubles, the choice of shiny swimsuit styles is limited. For example, strapless bandeau one piece swimsuits are not suitable. On the one hand, styles without sufficient support will affect the shape of the chest, and on the other hand, there is a risk of falling off. Choosing a young girl swimsuit with a shoulder strap is more secure, and classic or halter bikinis are good choices.


3) Flat Breast

When choosing a swim tops for women, the flat-chested girls should follow the usual dressing rules. Like the style with a little embellishment on the chest, the ruffles, lace, folds, horizontal stripes, and bright prints can create a visual expansion.


4) Thick Legs

A beach scarf is enough, tie it around the waist, it can cover the thick legs. The fleshy girl should not choose a swimsuit with skirt that is too tight.

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