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Beach Towel Factory Helps You Become the Coolest Guy on the Beach

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Beach Towel Factory Helps You Become the Coolest Guy on the Beach

Beach Towel Factory Helps You Become the Coolest Guy on the Beach

Beach towels are now second only to bikinis on the beach, and they are more and more popular. Every summer on the beach, we can see beach towels with different patterns and different functions, such as mermaid beach towel, lightweight beach towel, pineapple beach towel, quick dry beach towel, circle beach towel, giant beach towel, minecraft beach towel, etc., but do you know how to choose beach towel? How are those rich patterns printed?


How to Choose Beach Towels


Today's beach towels are actually simple types, one is relatively plain, the color is more consistent, and the other is basically more bright and has many printed patterns. However, these have one thing in common is that they all use cotton fabrics for production and processing.


So one of the easiest points for choosing beach towels is to choose pure cotton. After playing on the beach, the body is hydrated, so this time you need to go to the cotton beach towel to absorb the moisture, and the cotton fabric has always been a good product that absorbs water. It has always been popular with everyone, so if you can choose a beach towel made of pure cotton fabric, it can absorb the moisture of the body and play a good role.


In addition, beach towels must not be selected to be very light and thin, because beach towels actually play the role of a cushion on the beach, many people will throw the beach towel on the beach, and then lie down on their own to sunbathe, so At this time, the beach towel must not be particularly thin and light, otherwise the feeling of use will be very bad.


Printing Technology of Beach Towel


If you like beach towels with rich colors and patterns, then you must choose a beach towel factory with digital printing technology. The printing on beach towels are all produced by printing technology, and the current printing technology is generally two kinds of traditional printing and digital printing.


The market share of traditional printing is very high, but the technology is relatively backward and there will be more pollution, so it is increasingly less advantageous in the current market. Digital printing in the current market can be said to be perfectly adapted to the current social development and consumers' various needs, so although it has only developed rapidly in recent years, the market share growth rate is terrible.


Compared with traditional printing, the advantages of digital printing are too much, digital printing is green and environmentally friendly, and traditional printing is more polluting; digital printing has no color registration, pattern restrictions, low MOQ, fast printing speed, no plate making, etc. 


Lalifit, as a leader in the Chinese apparel industry, is committed to providing all kinds of beach towels, girls one piece swimsuit, mens swim shorts, bikinis for women, etc. to global customers. We have design team keeping update trendy designs and turn your ideas into real samples and rely on multiple supplier chains, we can meet customer's demands with multiple production lines flexibly. Welcome customers from all over the world to negotiate and consult. 

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