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Can Bikini Suits Be Altered?

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Can Bikini Suits Be Altered?

Can Bikini Suits Be Altered?

What if the original swimsuit does not fit because of the change of body type? Whether it is because of losing weight or because the favorite swimsuit does not fit, sometimes people will find that the swimsuit they wear is not right at all. So how to deal with such a swimsuit?


1. Common Problems of Swimsuit


If people lose weight recently, put on their favorite beach swimsuit, and they will suddenly find that it is loose. Or because of the weight gain, the clothes are too tight. These problems are very common.


Whether it is needed to sew the seams to make the swimsuit more comfortable, or some size is added to make it more suitable, If people are good at sewing, these problems can be solved easily. When modifying a swimsuit, be sure to use polyester thread and elastic sewing and mending thread, so that it can stretch without breaking after sewing.


There are two exceptions. One is that the size is not right. It may not be realistic to reduce the full coverage swimsuit by more than one size. Second, if the swimsuit attire becomes loose due to the loss of elasticity of the fabric, then any change will not help.


2. What to Do If the Swimsuit Is Too Tight


(1) Swimsuit will become loose after wearing for a long time, so wear it for a period of time firstly.


(2) If it is really uncomfortable, which affects the swimming posture and experience, it is recommended to return it or buy another one. Note that if it is a swimsuit for kids(Children are growing up), it is recommended to change the swimsuit in time.


(3) When swimsuit is bought back, pull the parallel lines out of it. Hear the sound of the line breaking, then wash it with water. Dry it in the shade, and then try on it whether it is suitable or not. If it does not fit, it is about the problem of size.


3. Is the Swimsuit the More Elastic, the Better


Good sports swimsuits should be tight. Of course, the elasticity is not the greater the better, but its resilience is better. it is better to be able to return to the original after several times of stretching. In addition, good hand feel is also needed. But it is noted that it is not the more expensive the better.


In a word, swimwear should wear to fit. It not only shows the body type, but also makes people feel comfortable. For a swimwear that does not fit, adjust, modify or replace it as soon as possible.

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