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Can Swimsuits Be Washed by Washing Machine?

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Can Swimsuits Be Washed by Washing Machine?

Can Swimsuits Be Washed by Washing Machine?

Is the swimsuit machine washable?


There is no doubt that the bathing suit is machine washable. You can wash the swimsuit with warm water in the washing machine with a mild detergent. Because rough detergent may be harmful to the swimsuit, causing it to damage faster than expected. Therefore, it is best to use the detergent specified in the swimsuit. Regarding the detergent specified in swimwear, we can search for a more suitable cleaning agent online to maximize the service life of swimwear.


Especially in families with children and baby, baby swimsuit, swimsuit for kids, girls swimsuit, etc. all need to be cleaned frequently.


However, in addition to detergents, you can simply wash them with vinegar. When you are ready to clean but there is no detergent at home or the detergent runs out. There is no other choice but vinegar. Studies have shown that vinegar contains acetic acid, and acetic acid has a certain whitening element, which can be used to disperse any odors mixed in swimwear. White vinegar is the first choice, if there is no white vinegar, you can use water instead, pay attention to plain water.


In general, the essence of machine washable swimsuits is to rinse chlorine or salt water, but the combination of these substances will produce harmful elements, resulting in damage to the swimsuit fabric.


Machine wash or hand wash?


Bathing suits are best not to be washed in a washing machine. After washing in the washing machine, there will be a step of dehydration, which will speed up the degumming of the swimsuit. (Unless you like to change your swimsuit frequently.) It is best to rinse off with cold water after swimming, wring it out by hand, and then dry it in a place where it will not be exposed to the sun. Especially some more famous and expensive swimsuits should be more cared for, such as Nike swimsuits, Adidas swimsuits, Burberry swimsuits, LV swimsuits. Please remember to wash these types of swimsuits by yourself to avoid damage.


Hand washing is better, because the washing machine can damage the quality of the swimsuit. When washing by hand, remember to use dew disinfection water, because the pool water is not clean, so as not to get bacteria on your body. When drying a swimsuit, remember to expose both sides, but not too long, otherwise it will destroy the elasticity of the swimsuit.


What to pay attention to when cleaning swimsuits?


1. Do not squeeze or vigorously rub the swimsuit, so as not to damage the appearance.


2. Do not chlorine bleach, do not iron, do not turn the cage and turn to dry.


3. Do not expose to sunlight after cleaning. Leave to dry in a cool place.


How to maintain a swimsuit?


1. Swimwear is afraid of heat, chemicals, sunscreen and cosmetics, sand and rocks and other rough surfaces, and it is afraid of being wet or stuffy in plastic bags for a long time. Try not to wear bathing suits when washing hot springs and saunas to avoid deformation due to heat.


2. Wet the swimsuit thoroughly with clean water before launching to reduce the corrosion of seawater or pool water.


3. Before replacing the swimsuit, flush away the chlorine or sea salt with plenty of clean water. After changing the swimsuit, rinse it again carefully. Do not use chemicals such as hot water, washing powder, bleaching powder, cold detergent, etc., and do not use washing machine for washing. You can use neutral detergent to soak for 10 minutes, then gently rub with your hands, or just wash with water and wash it several times.


4. Swimsuits that have just been worn should not be placed in unventilated places (such as plastic bags or rear compartments) for a long time. They should be washed with water and dried as soon as possible.


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