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Can Swimsuits Dried by Dryer?

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Can Swimsuits Dried by Dryer?

Can Swimsuits Dried by Dryer?

What should you do after using the swimsuit? Can swimsuit with skirt and mens short swim trunks or cotton swimsuits, polyester swimsuits be dry cleaned? Today, Lalifit will explain the knowledge of dry cleaning swimwear, and I hope to help you.


Can swimwear be put in the dryer?

For striped one piece swimsuit, it is not a good idea to dry in a clothes dryer. Avoiding dryers will ensure that your fabrics have a long service life. According to swimsuit experts, the fragile swimsuit or the tumbling of the swimsuit in the hot bath can eliminate the elasticity of the swimsuit. It will not only lengthen the fabric of the suit, but also cause them to eventually lose their original shape. The best way to dry swimsuits is to air dry them. This is the correct way to keep your swimsuit in shape for a long time. If it cannot be air-dried, place the swimsuit under the shadow of the sun, so that the rays penetrate them or even spread to a towel on them, so that the water can be absorbed without distortion.


Can the swimsuit shrink in the dryer

Can the long sleeve two piece swimsuit shrink in the dryer? Does dryer deform the swimsuit? First, girls swimsuits vary in materials or fabrics. These different suits are made of materials such as polyester, spandex, cotton and nylon. In this case, not all fabrics can shrink. Avoid using hot water dye in dyeing such as all-purpose dye for when they’re wet, they might end up ruining the fabric or the excessive heat from the sun can destroy them.


Four rules for maintaining swimwear

1.Whether it is an indoor swimming pool or a beach with salt water, the fabric has already suffered from salt, chlorine, and sunlight. After each exercise, you can wear a bathing suit to take a shower, wipe the body wash with bubbles at the same time, then take off and rinse with hot water.


2.Remember to treat swimsuits gently like bra. The drum of the washing machine causes irreversible effects such as deformation on the swimsuit, so hand washing can maximize the service life of the swimsuit. Same as the steps for washing underwear, put the swimsuit in warm water, add a small cup of underwear cleaning solution, soak for 15-30 minutes and then rinse carefully.


3.White vinegar is anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial, so whether it is housework cleaning or laundry cleaning, white vinegar is a magical builder. Adding 1/4 cup of white vinegar during rinsing can completely replace the effect of cleaning agent. If there is no white vinegar, follow the normal rinse process.


4.Do not use the dryer to dry the swimsuit, because the high temperature generated during the drying process will destroy the elasticity of the swimsuit and also affect the steel ring that is susceptible to heat. After washing, air dry on a clothes rack. Do not hang it on the hanger straight, otherwise the swimsuit will become loose. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight, otherwise it will easily fade.


Have you learned the above swimsuit maintenance skills? Follow us to learn more about swimwear, men's swim trunks, travel beach towel, womens bikini sets, etc.

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