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Can the Bathing Suit Be Washed with Hot Water?

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Can the Bathing Suit Be Washed with Hot Water?

Can the Bathing Suit Be Washed with Hot Water?

Can the bathing suit be washed with hot water?


Swimwear, whether it is one piece swimsuit or two piece swimsuit, cannot be washed with hot water. Swimsuit top and swimsuit bottom will deform when heated, so do not wear them for hot springs and do not wash them with hot water. If you apply sunscreen all over your body, you should wait half dry before wearing a swimsuit. Wet the swimsuit with clean water before launching to avoid direct damage to chlorine. After going ashore, the chlorine or sea salt in the bathing suit should be washed away with clean water, and then washed with hand soap as soon as possible after replacement.


What water temperature is suitable for bathing suits?


Swimsuits should be washed with cold water. In other words, do not wash your favorite animal print swimsuit with warm or hot water to ensure the original color and shape of the swimsuit. Solid color swimsuits, such as red swimsuit, yellow swimsuit and blue swimsuit must be soaked in fine salt for about 3 minutes, otherwise the swimsuit will become ugly when swimming seriously. High-quality swimsuits, especially those worn by professional athletes, require good elasticity and low water absorption, which can greatly reduce the weight of the swimsuit and the resistance to swimming. In addition to considering ornamental features, ordinary swimsuits should also choose swimsuits that are as soft as possible, have good elasticity, and have low water absorption.


Misunderstanding of bathing suit cleaning


1. Because the swimsuit's elasticity and flexibility are relatively large, many people think that it is enough to just soak the swimsuit with clean water or add a little detergent, then scrub the swimsuit vigorously, wring it to dry, and let it dry in the sun. This method is quite wrong. The first thing to understand is that seawater contains salt. After the swimsuit is used, it is best to rinse it with clean water as soon as possible. Do not use the washing machine.


2. During the washing process, make sure that the chlorine gas in the bathing suit has been completely eliminated. You can smell to see if the smell like bleach or detergent is eliminated. If you still feel a little taste, you can soak the swimsuit with a little water. After rinsing, use a towel to dry the swimsuit as much as possible.


3. The last thing to note is not to squeeze or vigorously rub the swimsuit, so as not to damage the appearance, also use a clip to clamp a corner to cool the swimsuit, this will make the swimsuit deformed. Remember not to use a hair dryer or iron to dry and iron swimsuit top nor swimsuit bottom. Don't be stuffed in plastic bags after the clothes have dried, it's better to hang them in the closet.


Common fabrics for swimwear


The most basic swimwear fabrics are only three DuPont Lycra, nylon and polyester.


1. DuPont Lycra swimsuit will have a longer service life than ordinary material swimsuits, more suitable for one-piece swimsuits.

2. The swimsuit made of nylon fabric is of medium price. Compared with DuPont Lycra swimsuit, the solidity is not enough, but the elasticity and softness are comparable. It is now the most common swimsuit fabric that people use most often.


3. The swimsuit made of polyester fabric has low elasticity and is a low-cost product. It is generally designed as a split swimsuit(two piece swimsuit) rather than a one-piece swimsuit.


Does salt water ruin swimsuits?


As we learned before, the culprits that make your beloved swimsuit stretch are sunlight, chlorine, heat and time. In addition, salt water is one of many factors that can damage your swimsuit.


Do swimsuits get bigger or smaller in water?


The girls swimsuit should be close to the body, but not too tight. Close-fitting is to show beautiful body shape and reduce water resistance. If it is too tight, it will hinder movement and even counteract it. What you buy should be one size smaller than just right, because when you go into the water, or after a long pull, the swimsuit will become loose.


I have answered some questions about swimwear for you, I hope it is practical for you.

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