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How Does Bikini Develop?

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How Does Bikini Develop?

How Does Bikini Develop?

Some people have commented that wearing bikinis is a "sexy murderer". This is no exaggeration. Bikini is enough for the spectator to spur nosebleed. Putting on this tempting "murder weapon" can show the advantages of women. Why not put on a set of long sleeve swimsuit and enjoy the summer sun together?


How much do you know about bikinis?


Bikini generally refers to the swimsuit worn by women when they swim, that is, bikini swimsuit, also known as "three-point swimsuit." Bikini is consist of panties and bras that cover a small area. Swimwear is arguably the most visually striking apparel in the history of clothing. The bras and briefs with laces on the back were not recognized and accepted by the world. It was not until the 1950s that this style of clothing that reflected the sense of human sculpture was accepted. Now it is synonymous with soft and natural body curves.


The origin and development of bikini


As early as more than 1400 BC, a "bikini" for girls, composed of upper and lower underwear, has appeared. Evidence can be found in Greek tombs or frescoes at the time. The top and bottom swimsuits are the basic styles, mainly including bikini tops and bikini swimsuits.


Around 1890, European swimmers needed to change their bathing suits in the dressing room on wheels. The ladies will sew the edges of the swimsuit tightly to prevent the clothes from shrinking up and exposing their thighs.


In 1907, the prototype of modern bikini began to appear.


In the 1940s, when the war rationing system stimulated the development of swimsuits, the US government ordered manufacturers to reduce the use of textiles as much as possible, causing the girls’ clothes to have a naked belly. American fashion stores began to sell swimwear.


On July 18, 1946, a bikini designed by French designer Louis Rilder protected the breasts with a bra. Except for the strap, almost all of the back is exposed. The hips of the briefs are raised as much as possible, and the hips are exposed to the greatest extent. It is small and exquisite, simple in structure; the fabric used is less than 30 inches, and it can be put into a matchbox when it is kneaded into a ball. The swimsuit uses fabrics printed with newspaper content sections. The swimsuit was named bikini because it caught the atomic bomb for the first test explosion on the Bikini Island in the Pacific Marshall Islands. The common halter bikini tops and high waisted bikini swimsuit currently on the market can be traced here.


In 1964, designer Rudi designed a bikini without a bra (Top-lesssuit) to vent her erotic desires that could not be released under the pressure of a highly industrialized society. In the same year, designer Cole launched a swimsuit that used a fishing net to cover the front chest and waist. The special material symbolizes the designer's pursuit of nature and freedom.


From 1970 to 1980, the unstructured bikini came out. The so-called unstructured means that there is almost nothing covered except the lower body. The appearance of the bikini means swimming without a top.


In 1992, Cole Company developed an inflatable bikini (Top Secret), which is a bikini with tiny inflatable plugs in the bra. Women wear it to make the chest straight and full.


In 1995, as high-tech materials entered the fashion world, the design of bikinis became more and more abundant. Combined with retro styles, new and gorgeous images of bikinis appeared, such as rhinestones on bikinis.


If you plan to go to the beach with friends, you must buy the bikini sets. Summer is here and it's time to show a good figure. If you like bold designs, I suggest you choose one piece swimsuit or transparent bikini sets; if you are relatively conservative, you can choose a covered swimsuit or a barely strapless bikini top. 

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