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How Does Swimsuit Develop?(One)

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How Does Swimsuit Develop?(One)

How Does Swimsuit Develop?(One)

The name bikini originally refers to the uninhabited island bikini in the Marshall Islands of the Pacific Ocean. 2020 is the 74th anniversary of bikini's birth. In the past half century, swimwear has become the symbol of women's fashion. Swimsuit is known as the greatest "invention" in the world clothing industry in the 20th century. Do you know the history of swimsuit?


1. Medieval: Going To The Bathhouse Naked


Men and women in medieval Europe took off their clothes at home before taking a bath, and then ran naked across the street to the bathhouse. One witness said: "I have seen many times girls of 10, 12 or even 18 years old, who was carrying their hands behind them through the long street and running from home to the bathhouse, wearing only a short shirt with an opening below at noon, with a group of teenage boys running beside them."


This attitude of taking a bath and swimming for nothing has not lasted for a long time. This situation began to change when the concept of shame entered the dress code. In the 18th century, men were still swimming naked. From the middle of the 19th century, men were forced to swim in clothes. Early swimsuits looked like thick Serge shorts, leading men to risk moral condemnation and remain strongly opposed to them. This kind of swimming pants has no elastic belt between the waist, so they often slide down and even fall to the heel underwater! It can be imagined that, as long as possible, men will still swim naked.


2. Women's Rights Change Swimsuit Design


In the early 20th century, some people objected to and ridiculed that men's swimsuits must have sleeves, trouser legs, tights and tops, but it was only in the 1930s that the phenomenon of swimming only in swimsuits was accepted.


The difference between women's swimsuits and men's swimsuits is that the former has always attracted attention and debate with its sexual characteristics.


In the 20th century, the improvement and change of swimsuits are closely related to women's rights movement. After giving women equal social status and voting rights in most European and American countries, women are free to engage in more outdoor activities. From then on, they get rid of all kinds of norms imposed on them in the past. Women's fashion set off a great revolution in this era. At this time, the appearance of swimsuits not only made it more convenient for women to have a bath in the sea, but also showed women's different status and enthusiasm to join the society.


The period between 1870 and 1900 was a turning point in the history of women's swimsuits. Swimsuits became more and more simple, but women still wore tight corsets under one piece swimsuit —a kind of one-piece woven garment with sleeves and leg guards, similar to baby swimsuit. However, the government's legislature has passed laws strictly forbidding such "dissolute" clothes, which stipulate that covered swimsuit must cover the human body from the neck to the knee. Some women have been fined for not wearing stockings, shoes or long skirts.


Women's swimming became an Olympic sport for the first time in 1912. Fanny Drucker, in a sleeveless one piece swimsuit with half legs, has won many titles. Annette Kellerman, an Australian female swimmer who was arrested in Boston in 1907 for wearing a daring one piece swimsuit, also played unconventionally.


In the early 1920s, the economic prosperity of European and American countries made people pursue life enjoyment. The "sea and air boom" has become a hot pursuit of the middle class. The rich young people are either going to learn how to fly a plane or go to the beach for swimming .


At that time, a nylon clothing manufacturer abandoned both cotton and non elastic waterproof man-made fibers, and changed to high elastic and high air permeability nylon fabrics to make more close fitting and lightweight swimsuits. This is a major change in the history of swimsuit development and laid down the style of swimsuit in the future. These one-piece mini skirt swimsuits and two piece swimsuit not only improve the safety of female swimmers, but also greatly increase the visibility of female swimsuits.


Today the historical evolution of swimsuits in the first two stages has been introduced, and the next article will continue to introduce how swimsuits have evolved into today's styles step by step.

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