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How Does Swimsuit Develop?(two)

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How Does Swimsuit Develop?(two)

How Does Swimsuit Develop?(two)

Fifty years ago, a swimsuit revolution, like the atomic bomb explosion on Bikini Island, shocked the world and changed the connotation of beach culture. Up to now, swimsuits still radiate strong vitality..


The Birth Of Bikini


Bikini is known to have become fashionable under the new generation of revolution in the 1960s, but it was invented as early as the 1940s. This underwear like swimsuit is designed by Louis reard, a French designer. This epoch-making swimsuit was also named after the first test explosion of the atomic bomb on Bikini island in the Marshall Islands of the Pacific Ocean. On the 18th day of the first atomic bomb explosion in bikini, Louis Reard launched a girls swimsuit composed of three pieces of cloth and four belts in Paris on July 18, 1946. The 2 piece swimsuit with the smallest covering area in the world only covers the breast through the bra. The back is almost naked except for the rope belt, and the triangular underpants show the hip and leg crotch to the maximum extent. It uses only less than 30 inches of cloth and can be rolled into a ball to fit into a matchbox. Until then, full coverage swimsuit had conservatively covered most of the body. Reid's design exposes most of the upper abdomen. The swimsuit is made of fabric printed with newspaper contents, which indicates that his bold design will occupy a large number of pages in newspapers around the world.


When a stripper named Michal bernatini put on her sexy swimsuits bravely in public for the first time, the reporters who came from all over the world were shocked. The swimsuit shocked the world as much as the atomic bomb. Taking advantage of the impact of the explosion of the atomic bomb on Bikini Island, the ingenious designer resolutely named the two-piece swimsuit bikini, adding the era color of the swimsuit. This "costume" was only popular in Europe at that time, and it didn't spread to the United States until 15 years later. The most classic one is the sexy bathing suits with no shoulder belt and dot pattern that French actress Brigitte Bardot once wore on the big screen in the 1950s. Up to now, it is still put on the overpass by many fashion brands and becomes a new fashion.


After this early sensation subsided, Bikini showed a new prospect for swimsuit design. It quickly replaced one-piece swimsuits on the beach. The sculptural images of the 1940s and 1950s also became the soft and "natural" body lines of the 1960s.


Bikini Culture Boom


Bikini fever is pounding the mass culture and moral concept of the whole world. From the 1950s to the 1960s, beaches in the United States became a place that everyone loved and yearned for, because there were not only sunshine, beaches and charming sea, but also bikini's unprecedented sexy display at the seaside.


In 1964, Rudi's brassierless bikini showed an adventure of eroticism under the pressure of high industrialization, and opened fire on the public ethics fortress. Cole has launched a net swimsuit covering the front and waist. Bikini's dress style, by fully expressing the beautiful curve of human body, reveals the warm and unrestrained youth vitality, which makes the healthy and brown body of American become the natural expression and symbol of beauty. "Bikini tells us that the most beautiful thing in life is freedom" - the fashionable saying at that time made some western countries have a sexy beach culture.


The revolution of swimsuit is approaching maturity, and the major transformation of swimsuit in the past two or three decades is only focused on the discovery of new materials.


The Return Of Cautious Style


In 1995, with the introduction of high-tech materials into the fashion industry, hottest bikini became the favorite design object of many international fashion design masters once again, using high-tech materials with retro styles to reproduce the new gorgeous image of bikini in the 1950s, such as bikini decorated with rhinestone and strappy bikini.


Bikini is novel and attractive in fashion, which makes fashion designers love bikini for half a century. This kind of magic art of using human body to sew fashion makes designers constantly create new styles, such as bikini with belt instead of cloth wrapping around three points of human body, morosinis bikini (topless type), micro mini bikini bathing suits and a bikini with only three tiny pieces of cloth fixed in shame, which is called "barbaric" style bikini.


Bikini shows the vitality and natural beauty of human life from different perspectives. That's probably why it's still popular around the world half a century after its appearance. If you are interested in high waisted bikini, plus size bikini, strapless bikini and so on, welcome to contact us!

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