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How Many Types of Microfiber Towels Do You Know?

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How Many Types of Microfiber Towels Do You Know?

How Many Types of Microfiber Towels Do You Know?

Microfiber towels have the advantages of high water absorption, strong detergency, no thread removal, long life and easy cleaning. It is a very popular kind of towel on the market. Here we introduce several commonly used microfiber towels.


Microfiber Warp Knitted Towel


The Microfiber towel is a general term for towels made of microfiber materials. In fact, there are many types of microfiber towels, which are classified according to different materials. The most common and most used is microfiber warp knitted towels. Microfiber warp knitted towels have good water absorption and cleaning ability. Both wet use (decontamination) and dry use (dust removal) are effective. The characteristic of warp knitted towels is that after opening the fiber, the shape of the terry is opened, so it will not lose fluff and leave no marks when wiped.


Microfiber Waffle Towel


Microfiber waffle towels, also known as pineapple lattices, are named because the surface shape of the towels is a grooved lattice. Microfiber waffle towels are the towels that absorb water and dry the fastest. Waffle towels are the most common towels used to dry cars (dry after washing) in the automotive and parts industries. The groove-shaped lattice absorbs and locks water much faster than warp-knitted towels. Microfiber waffle towels are also less likely to lose fluff and leave water marks or streaks, because the microfiber filaments are tight.

Microfiber Double Velvet Towel


Microfiber double velvet towels are often called optical cloths because they are often used to clean smooth surfaces such as lenses, as well as glasses, electronic screens, jewelry, lenses, and car interiors. Double-sided fleece absorbs water well and they are the best choice for removing streaks. The double-faced fleece is super soft and will not fluff if used correctly.


Microfiber Glass Cloth


Microfiber glass cloth is becoming more and more popular. The glass cloth is characterized by tight weaving, no loops (no threading), smooth surface, and no fluff at all. It is most suitable for glass cleaning cloth. Glass cloth is more wear-resistant than other types of cloth, does not lose fluff and has no stripes, and is increasingly popular in restaurants for cleaning and wiping wine glasses.


Microfiber Large Pearl Towel


The terry of microfiber large pearl towels is fuller and stronger, softer and has stronger water absorption than warp knitting, used as a cleaning cloth, which has the strongest cleaning ability of the type of microfiber cloth. After washing the large pearl towel, the loops are still neat and not easily deformed, and the cleaning does not leave fluff. In addition to being used as a cleaning cloth, the microfiber large pearl towel can also be used as a yoga towel, a hot yoga towel, and it absorbs sweat quickly.


Microfiber Yoga Towel


Microfiber yoga towels are very important and essential, because you will be sweaty when doing yoga. You can put a microfiber sports towel on the yoga mat, you can also tie a hand towel on your hands to wipe sweat at any time. Laying a towel on the yoga mat can be non-slip, because if the sweat drip on the mat, it will stain the mat and you will also slip. The material of yoga towels can be warp knitting, large pearls, double-faced fleece, and another kind is fancy yarn, the surface of which is granular, providing strong scratching force, good anti-skid effect, and good water absorption.


Summer is coming, if you have plan for beach travel, except for swimsuit such as bikini and summing trunks, a microfiber beach towel is your best partner!

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