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How Much Do You Know about Swimsuit ?

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How Much Do You Know about Swimsuit ?

How Much Do You Know about Swimsuit ?

There are thousands of ethnic groups in the world, which makes the clothing varied. However, hot swimwear is a special item, it is an international style,which has a strong commonality. Shapewear swimsuit became a special clothing originated in the early twentieth century. At that time, the prototype of the swimsuit was just a short dress, which was not much different from the daily dress. Specialized swimwear appeared around 1909, it is the one piece swimsuit with skirt. In the early 1930s, the jumpsuit swimsuit appeared, which became a real swimsuit. In the 1930s, there were two-piece swimsuits that were not connected. This was a leap forward in swimwear changes and a prelude to the emergence of bikini swimwear.


1. Classification Of Swimsuit Fabrics


DuPont Lycra, nylon and polyester are the most commonly used materials for surfing swimsuits. Any special material such as emptiness, jacquard, etc. can not be separated from the above three types of elastic characteristics. Many new swimwear will be added special processing such as anti-ultraviolet, anti-chlorine or splashing water.


2. Features Of Swimsuit Fabrics


1) DuPont Lycra: It is an artificial elastic fiber with the best elasticity. It can be extended to 4-6 times its original length. It has excellent stretch and is suitable for blending with various fibers. DuPont Lycra, which contains anti-chlorine ingredients, will make sporty swimsuits have a longer service life than ordinary swimsuits.


2) Nylon: Although the texture is not as solid as the Lycra fabric, the elasticity and softness are already comparable to Lycra. Currently, it is the most commonly used fabric for swimwear, suitable for mid-priced products.


3) Polyester: It is a unidirectional, two-stretch elastic fabric. Due to the limited elasticity, it is mostly used in swimming trunks or women's split swimsuits, not suitable for jumpsuits.


3. Lining And Auxiliary Materials Of Swimsuits


The design of the halter neck swimsuit is based on the principle of "comfortable" and "close-fitting". Most of the lining uses nylon, which must be consistent with the elasticity of the fabric, so as not to affect the wearing comfort. Therefore, when choosing to use auxiliary materials, "elasticity" is an absolutely necessary requirement. In response to the trend, if you need to use non-elastic accessories such as metal, acrylic, shell, etc., you need to choose a position that does not affect the elasticity. When applied properly, the auxiliary materials will have the perfect finishing touch.


4. Classification Of Swimsuits


1) Female swimsuits: It can be divided into five types: one-piece triangle, one-piece flat, two-piece split, three-piece split, one-piece dress, etc. Four-piece styles will be added in response to the trend.


2) Men's underboob swimsuit: It generally can be divided into six types: "shorts", "flat pants", "quarter pants", "five-point pants", "cycling pants", "beach pants" and so on. "Jumpsuits" and "diving suits" are occasionally used in design.


3) Children's swimwear: Roughly the same as women's swimwear, which can be divided into five categories: "jumpsuit", "jump trucks", "two-piece split", "three-piece split", and "jump dress".


4) Children's swimming trunks: They are roughly the same as men's swimming trunks. They can be divided into six types: "pants type", "flat pants", "corners", "five-point pants", "bicycle pants", "jumpsuits", etc.


5. The Color Of Swimsuits


The dark color is mainly black and green blue, mostly used in men's trousers, with bright colors, it can still highlight the characteristics and brightness of the product. The colors used in women's swimwear need to be combined with the trend. In response to the trend of younger swimwear, the color currently used is mainly "Middle Color High Brightness". High-intensity pink colors, such as "hot pink swimsuit", "light blue swimsuit", and even "white one piece swimsuit" without chroma are widely used. In addition, sports colors such as "Middle Color and Brightness", such as "orange swimsuit" and "cyan blue" are still indispensable in the application of swimwear.  


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