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How Tight Should a One-Piece Swimsuit Be?

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How Tight Should a One-Piece Swimsuit Be?

How Tight Should a One-Piece Swimsuit Be?

Summer is the season to show lively swimwears. But sometimes the worst thing is to wear a swimsuit that is too loose and sagging, or a swimsuit that is too tight. In order to ensure swimsuit fit, at least the following aspects should be considered, such as fabric quality, size, etc. Let's get to know more about it below.


1.Start with Guality Fabrics


The material of swimming wear determines the comfort. Good swimwear fabric is soft and elastic, and fabric lines are also very dense, so it will not burden the body during exercise. People wearing swimsuits made of the right fabric can swim more freely. Too rough and cheap material usually means that the quality and comfort of the fabric can not meet the requirements. They may irritate and damage the skin, and the fabric may shrink and deform as time goes on.


The material of swimwear includes the following fabrics, such as DuPont Lycra, nylon, polyester and spandex.


2.Focus on a Flattering Fit


Swimsuits for all body types are specially designed for all body types. The cutting of fit can not only weaken the shortcomings of body shape, but also strengthen the advantages of body shape. For example, the one shoulder one-piece swimsuit shows the elegant collarbone and shoulder, which makes the body slimmer. While one piece swimsuit with skirt can somewhat cover the  shortcomings.


No matter in the swimming pool, lying on the beach, or in the water for various sports, wearing a swimsuit should make people feel natural and next to the skin, like the second layer of skin, free and unimpeded.


3.Feel Confident and Carefree


Swimsuits need to be designed to feel safe and comfortable. There is no need to pull the straps hard, and for the design of some small details, there is no need to take care to protect it from exposure. In addition, swimwear should also reflect people's personality like other fashion. Today's swimsuits come in many styles and designs. People can always find a personalized swimsuit if they like. Finally, consider where to dress. For example, if often in the water activities or outdoor activities, sports series swimsuit style may be a good priority.


4. Secure Your Go-to Swimsuit


One of the last things to consider is size. Follow the size chart to find the most suitable size. Everyone's body shape will change with the seasons. When one swimwear no longer fits, old-fashioned, or no longer popular (Some people may like to follow the trend), it is time to consider changing another one.


5. Criteria for Well-fitting Swimsuit


(1) The shoulder belt should be snug, comfortable and not tight, and can provide effective support.


(2) The shoulder belt should be well supported, and should not be squeezed.


(3) Arms move freely.


(4) Good crotch covering


(5) The elastic of the strap is just right.


(6) If the edge of the swimsuit (neck, shoulder, arm, crotch) is deep into the flesh, it should be put on a larger size.


(7) If the unique swimsuit is curly after wearing, then the swimsuit is too large or too long, so try to wear a smaller size.


(8) If the swimsuit is tight, try on a larger size.


(9) When exercising, make sure the swimsuit does not slide up.


All in all, select a one piece overall swimsuit that fits comfortably, neither too tight nor too loose.

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