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How often Change Swimsuit ?

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How often Change Swimsuit ?

How often Change Swimsuit ?

The summer vacation is coming, can last year's swimwear continue to be used this year? Swimwear has its own lifespan, like our usual clothes. Don't expect to buy a swimsuit that you can wear for a lifetime. This is very bad. Swimwear also needs to be updated regularly.


1. How Often Change The Swimsuit?


It depends on what quality you buy. If the elasticity of the one piece swimsuit is suitable, it will usually take two years.


1) If you often wear the halter top swimsuit, it is prone to aging, and it is best to replace it once a year.


2) If it is not broken, then continue to wear it, because we now advocate energy saving and emission reduction.


3) If the figure has become incompatible with the clothes, then change it.


2. Reasons For The Short Service Life of The Swimsuit


Everyone knows that the bandeau swimsuit has a very short lifespan. Let me tell you about the five invisible killers of swimwear: chlorine corrosion, sun exposure, sunscreen, sweat and heat.


The above substances will damage the swimsuit fibers, darken the color, and lose their elasticity. But precisely they are all recognized as indispensable components of swimming pools and beach activities. Because the swimming pools are chlorinated to clean the water, chlorine will destroy the nylon material. And in order to save money, the extra swimming pool needs to be replaced with as little water as possible, and it is afraid that the water quality is not up to standard, so they will add more disinfectant.


3. 6 Maintenance Tips for The Swimwear 


1) Have At Least 2 Swimsuits On Hand

There are many indicators to evaluate a good swimsuit, whether the cut is clean and delicate, whether the material is soft and elastic, whether the fitting is comfortable, and whether it looks good! In this way, it is not easy to choose a favorite swimsuit. Prepare 2-3 pieces of off the shoulder swimsuits in the same way as changing bra everyday. After each piece is worn, it is best not to wear it again immediately. Give them a day to restore flexibility.


2) Rinse It Every Time You Wear It

Whether it is an indoor swimming pool or a beach with salt water, the fabric has already suffered from salt, chlorine, and sunlight. Swimsuit designer Malia Mills suggests that you can wear the monokini swimsuit for a shower after finishing the exercise, while bathing in the shower gel, the swimsuit is also bubbled, and then take off and rinse it with hot water.


3) Hand Wash

Remember to treat ladies swimsuits gently like bra. The washing machine causes irreversible effects such as deformation on the swimsuit, so hand washing can maximize the service life of the swimsuit.


4) Add A Little Vinegar During Rinsing

White vinegar is anti-bacterial, so whether it is housework cleaning or laundry cleaning, white vinegar is a magical builder. Adding 1/4 cup of white vinegar during rinsing can completely replace the effect of cleaning agent. If there is no white vinegar, follow the normal rinse process.


5) Pay Attention To The Clothes Drying Method

Do not use the dryer to dry the swimsuit, because the high temperature generated during the drying process will destroy the elasticity of the swimsuit and also affect the steel ring that is susceptible to heat. After washing, air dry on a clothes rack. Do not hang it on the hanger straight, otherwise the swimsuit will become loose. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight, otherwise it will easily fade.


6) Go To The Hot Spring With The Cheapest Swimsuit

Chloride and high water temperature are very damaging to swimsuits. They are basically scrapped after being worn a few times. So wear the cute cheap swimsuits to take a hot spring bath.

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