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How to Choose Beach Towels According to the Skin Tone?

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How to Choose Beach Towels According to the Skin Tone?

How to Choose Beach Towels According to the Skin Tone?

If you want a concave shape when going to the beach in summer, a beautiful beach towel and silk scarf will definitely be indispensable. But beach towels on the market come in a variety of colors, styles, and fabrics, and how to choose them is also a trouble. In fact, no matter what item you choose, the one that suits you is the best. In the following, we will discuss how to choose the beach towel that suits you according to your skin tone and present a more beautiful self.


Choose beach towels based on skin tone

1. Dull skin tone, choose a warm color

Warm colors are colors with relatively high saturation, such as red, orange, and yellow, which are classic and common warm colors. If your skin is dark yellow and not shiny, then choose a warm beach towel to neutralize the negative effect. And warm colors are more lively and eye-catching, which can make you younger. For example, flamingo beach towel and unicorn beach towel are relatively popular. 


2. Black and yellow skin and white skin, choose local cool color


Common cool colors are green, blue, purple, etc., usually giving a calm and steady feeling. Correspondingly, suitable beach towels mainly include cactus beach towel, palm tree beach towel and teal beach towel. If your skin color is yellow and black, wearing a large area of cool beach towels will appear darker and yellower. If your skin color is very white, then choose a cool color beach towel will look even paler. However, if you have a soft spot for cool colors, just minimize the area of cool colors and stay away from the face.


3. Neutral color system, do not pick skin color


The neutral color system is also called achromatic system, which refers to the gray series of different shades composed of black and white tones. The most common colors are black, white and gray. This color system is easy to match and is not picky about the skin color, no matter it is practical in any occasion, it will not go wrong. Striped beach towel or fortnite beach towel is a good choice.


However, if you go to travel to choose this color system, it will inevitably appear monotonous, so we can pay more attention to the color and design of beach towels, choose some unique textures or have glittering elements, so that it looks more refined and brilliant. At this time you can also choose microfiber beach towel and camo beach towel.


How to take care of my beach towel


In fact, the biggest role of beach towels is to quickly dry the water on the surface of people's bodies. Like bath towels and towels, travel beach towels also breed bacteria in wet environments. Therefore, we must take good care of our beach towels.


1.  Hang the towel in the sun to dry after each use

Beach towels are personal belongings, and beach towels for different people must be separated. Beach towels also come into direct contact with the skin. Everyone's skin is different, and there may be certain cross-bacterial infections. Be sure to dry it after use. Although it is not necessary to clean the beach towel every time, it must be dried in the sun after each use. Because ultraviolet rays will kill about 90% of bacteria. If the weather is gloomy or you go home after sunset, tuck the towel into the dryer to kill bacteria through the two functions of dehumidification and heat removal.


2. Shake off the sand on the beach

Now beach towels have become a must-have for seaside travel. Not only can women use it, but a family can go out and play directly on the beach to make camping tablecloths. If they are tired of playing, they can lie on the beach towel and rest. So beach towels often have a lot of residual sand. Before wiping the towel clean, remove as much sand as possible to put off any rogue grains becoming deep-rooted in the fibers of the towel.

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