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How to Choose Bikini Swimsuits Correctly?

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How to Choose Bikini Swimsuits Correctly?

How to Choose Bikini Swimsuits Correctly?

For some women, because of their body types, they are afraid to choose bikini. In fact, anyone with a certain amount of common sense and skill can select a suitable bikini. With a little study, they can find a swimsuit attire that suits their body, their style and supports their body effectively. Let's get to know something about it below.


1. Understanding of Body Shape


Body shape determines which part of the body a bikini should serve as a foil or cover. Here are some common body shapes.


(1) Athlete's Body Shape

The chest and buttocks are small, and the body is generally thin. People of this body shape can focus on their own slim, or try to make the chest and buttocks look bigger.


(2) Apple Type

The chest and abdomen are fat, while the legs and hips are relatively thin. In order to make people of this body shape more inclined to hourglass shape, bikini swimwear with corset and buttock enlarging effect can be chosen.


(3) Pear Type

The hips and chest are plump, the waist is thin, and the shoulders are thin. In order to make people of this figure more inclined to hourglass figure, choose swimsuit top that can make the buttocks appear small and the chest appear large.


(4) Hourglass Type

This figure has a full chest, fat hips and slender waist.


2. Selection of Swimsuit Top


The style, color and fabric of bikini top have a great impact on the visual effect of the upper body. When a bikini top is selected, the following tips can be referred to.


(1) Make the Chest Appear Larger

Try to void black and choose white or light colored swimsuit tops. The pleated top also has a good breast enhancement effect. Narrow edge swimsuits and halter swimsuits for women are best for women with smaller breasts. Of course, the swimsuit top padded with sponge inside can also be chosen.


(2) Make the Chest Apear Smaller

Try to wear a bikini in black, dark or with a more complex pattern. Avoid swimsuit tops that do not support the chest enough, so a style with underwire can also be chosen. In addition, halter swimwear is definitely excluded from consideration. Stripes and larger patterns should also be avoided.


(3) Highlight the Chest

Triangle swimwear, the classic halter swimwear, can effectively attract people's attention to the chest. A halter bikini also highlights the chest, while a narrow edge swimsuit makes the chest look stronger.


(4) Support for a Full Chest

To provide support for the chest, it is necessary to choose swimsuit tops with wide edge or underwire swimwear for big busts.


3. Selection of Swim Shorts


The style of swimming trunks not only determines the appearance of the hips, but also plays a role in highlighting or covering the legs. Here's some common sense needed to know when choosing a swimming trunks.


(1) Make Buttocks Appear Larger

Choose white or light colored swim shorts. If the hips are needed to be further highlighted, wear frilly leggings or flat angle swim shorts.


(2) Make Buttocks Appear Smaller

Wear black or dark swimsuits, and avoid striped or complicated pattern swim shorts. High waisted swim shorts are also a good choice. Flat bottoms may give out an illusion of being able to cover big hips, but they actually only make the hips look bigger.  


(3) Highlight the Hips

Strappy swimming trunks are the best choice, but mens trunk swimwear with accessories on them can also be chosen, such as chains, frills or patterns.


(4) Make Legs Look Longer

Choose high waisted swim shorts with fabric wrapped around the hip bone.


(5) Make Legs Appear Shorter

Wear flat angle swim shorts because they can stretch the horizontal lines at the bottom of the thighs.


By understanding the different body shapes and swimwear characteristics, we can naturally choose the most suitable swimwear. Welcome to buy swimsuit online!

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