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How to Choose Bikinis According to Physical Characteristics?

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How to Choose Bikinis According to Physical Characteristics?

How to Choose Bikinis According to Physical Characteristics?

Swimming or getting going to beach is a popular tourism and sports project. But girls who love beauty may think more about how to prepare good-looking swimsuit sets. Figure of each girl is different, so suitable swimsuit should be chosen according to her own characteristics and body. The general principle is to highlight the advantages and cover up the disadvantages skillfully.


1. Small Bust Woman: Most Suitable for Frill or Lace Bikini


Generally speaking, the upper body of a girl with a smaller bust is smaller. In this case, when choosing hot bikinis for sale, the girl should consider filling the bikini shape with materials such as frills and lace, trying to fill the fullness of the chest visually, and this can balance the overall effect. When purchasing bikini, it must be paid attention to the symmetry of upper and lower body clothing, and do not let the frill appear abrupt.


2. Women with Large Bust: Tiny Triangle Bikini with Straps


Girls with too large bust should be more careful when choosing hottest new bikinis, because it is not only the problem of fit, but also the problem of possible exposure. It is crucial to choose bikini materials at this time. Girls with large bust should avoid wearing strapless swimsuits and try to wear small triangular bikini tops, which will be more comfortable and avoid exposing too much cleavage. In this way, it can not only show the body on the beach, but also prevent the occurrence of bad situations.


3. Women with Wide Shoulders: Better off the Bikini with V-neckline


Girls with too wide shoulders should not choose a bikini top with a deep V-neck, because they will let people pay more attention to the upper body. The deep V-neckline does not go well with the wide shoulders.


Girls with wide shoulders can choose bikini tops with square neckline, which can cover the width of their shoulders. Some small details can also be added to change other people's visual points, such as wearing a colorful belt on the hip or waist, and hanging glasses at the neckline.


4. Short Torso Woman: Deep Neckline Bikini


When choosing a bikini for a girl of this size, it is better to choose a bikini top with a deep neckline, which will help to improve the part below the waist, and the bikini with a high waist will be more suitable. The bikini with drawstring or lace up will also be lighter visually, which is also very suitable for this type of girl.


5. Women with Big Hips: Do Not Choose Swimsuits with Wrinkles and Skirts


Many girls have thin upper body and big hip bones, which make them very worried. But it does not matter, as long as the right bikini is chosen, it looks also good. Be sure to choose a bikini without too much detail at the bottom. Any lace or frill will visually enlarge the hip circumference. This type of body should choose those swimsuits, on the top of which decorations are all concentrated. Also, do not wear that kind of boy swim shorts because of big hips. They will cause unnecessary problems, especially for the lower part of the body.


Finally, while enjoying the sunshine beach, and wearing beautiful sexy swim wear, sun protection should also be paid attention to. Be sure to take sun protection measures, such as applying sunscreen. In case of sunburn, please remember to treat it immediately. Both beauty and healthy are necessary.

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