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How to Choose Men's Swimming Trunks?

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How to Choose Men's Swimming Trunks?

How to Choose Men's Swimming Trunks?

To be a trendy man must be "all-in-one". In addition to the necessities such as suit shirts, a boy short swimsuit that can set off a good figure is indispensable. Today, with fewer and fewer fabrics, whether it's on the beach, balcony or bathtub, a sexy men short swim trunk is enough to spike the audience and bring endless imagination. The following will introduce the history of swimming trunks and what is a good swimming trunks.


The prototype of swim trunks


Before the 16th century, both men and women were usually naked when swimming. At that time, people thought that the sea was natural and simple, so they did not wear clothes. In the Middle Ages, it was considered a sin to expose the flesh for a long time, so the original "swimsuit" appeared. The upper class men wore "aprons" and women wore linen shirts. Swimwear was the privilege of nobles. And now, swimming trunks have become a must-have item for all kinds of sportsmen to show their body, and the style of short swim trunks has also appeared more possibilities. But many men still have the concept of swimwear in the last century. In fact, men's swimming trunks are also selective in their choice.


What is a good swimming trunk?


Two important points of good swimming trunks are comfort and durability. It should be attached to your body like your second skin. With less fabric and less restraint, you can swim freely. And at the same time, there is no particularly obvious sense of restraint, which allows you to easily complete an action, even if you do it non-stop, you will not feel problematic.


Regarding of comfort, it is important to note the pants type. We recommend boxers, triangles, or knee pants, which can reduce the sense of restraint and also reduce some resistance. But some people may ask, "Why do professional people wear trousers?" This should be said from the first half of the 20th century, because the skin has less resistance to water than cloth, so everyone's swimming trunks also slowly Become shorter.


Later, science and technology became more and more powerful. Some people invented a high-tech swimsuit that fits the skin and has less resistance than the skin to imitate shark skin. .


Sharkskin swim trunks have been controversial and suspected of cheating. Therefore, the 2012 London Olympics began to be banned. The FINA stipulates that male athletes' swim trunks cannot be lower than the waist and lower than the knee. High-tech fabrics cannot be used, and fabrics must be used.


Durability mainly depends on the chlorine resistance and elasticity of swimming trunks, both of which are related to the material. There are three common long-life materials on the market, one is 100% polyester fiber; the second is Xtra Life Lycra fabric, which is more expensive, so it is generally blended with other materials; the third is polyester fiber blended with about 10% spandex Fiber fabric. In addition, durability is also related to the cleaning and maintenance of swimming trunks. You don’t have to worry about durability when buying branded swimming trunks with better reputation.


The swimming trunk material is better. Don’t try to buy land cheaply, and try to buy branded ones. No one wants the swimming trunks to be transparent or loose on both sides when they come out of the swimming pool. Do not swim underpants as swimming trunks, because the underwear is mostly made of pure cotton, which is easy to absorb water after going into the water, causing the underwear to be heavy; plus the underwear is loose, it is very unsafe. Don't choose the all-elastic one, but choose the harder swimming trunks near the male features. This will not make your male silhouette too obvious. If we wear a short sleeve bikini top this time, it will look more professional.


How to choose the right swim trunks?


About workmanship

Don't buy swimming trunks with only elastic and no rope. This is easy to fall off, and it is not safe to walk, not to mention the impact of water waves after launching. It's embarrassing to go ashore and lose my pants. Don't buy swimming trunks that only have ropes without elastic bands. If they don't fit well, they will loosen up, which is not good-looking and adds resistance. You should buy swimming trunks with elastic bands and ropes, which are not only beautiful, but also have a high safety factor. In addition, when buying swimming trunks, pay attention to the thread and the interface between the fabric and the fabric to avoid opening the thread or the fabric to break.


Color, pattern and figure

Try not to choose white for men's swimming trunks, and choose less for lighter ones, because it is easy to penetrate. If you don't like to wear fancy colors, choose a solid color to be more attractive. People with darker skin should avoid wearing brown or yellow swimming trunks to avoid looking dirty. Slim people are suitable for wearing brightly colored and patterned swimming trunks. For those with lower abdomen, in order to cover your belly, the style of high waist and wide side belt is a good choice. If the waist and abdomen are fat, you can also choose to have a deep stripe color mosaic on the outside of the swimming trunks, which has obvious functions of tightening the hips.


For people with wide hips, you can choose dark four-legged flat pants. For those with collapsed buttocks, choose the style with bright colors and horizontal stripes to modify the shape of the buttocks. Short people don't wear swimsuit for short torso. They are suitable for wearing brightly-colored straight-striped swim trunks and can "pull" their long body. For people with shorter lower body, who are suitable for high waist triangle swim trunks, try not to wear four-foot swim trunks, legs will look shorter. For those who want to make their legs look longer, the briefs with low waist slits are great. For the sturdy people, basically all kinds of styles are suitable.


In addition, for some conservative people, a single piece of swimming trunks may make people feel unnatural and embarrassed. At this time, you can wear swimsuit with shorts. Such collocation will make people more comfortable, less constrained and nervous.

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