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How to Choose Swimsuit 2020?

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How to Choose Swimsuit 2020?

How to Choose Swimsuit 2020?

Swimsuits mostly refer to women's special clothes for swimming, and there are also swimsuits for men. Swimming suits are different from gym suits. Generally, swimming suits will not sink when immersed in water. Swimsuits are generally made of textiles that do not sag or swell in water.


Men's swimwear are mostly divided into triangle swimming bottoms and angle swimming bottoms. The former is more sexy and suitable for young men. The latter is more comfortable to wear.


Compared to the two styles of swimsuits for men, swimsuits for women are really different in patterns, patterns and styles. Below we will learn more about how to choose a swimsuit.


There are many ways to buy swimsuits, and how to choose your favorite style in many swimsuit stores also requires some professional knowledge. The following two methods are described in detail-choose a suitable swimsuit according to quality and body shape.


Quality purchase


When buying a swimsuit, you can touch it by hand, or refer to the ingredient content table of the material to see how the material is. Good swimsuit fabrics are soft and elastic, the texture of the fabric is relatively dense, the cutting is exquisite, the elastic thread is used for sewing, and the thread will not be stretched due to movement. When trying on a swimsuit, the principle is to fit and be comfortable. If it is too large, it is easy to carry water, which will increase the burden on the body and the resistance during swimming. If it is too small, it will cause strangulation to the limbs and cause poor blood flow.


Fabric and structure


It is best to use elastic fabrics with a spandex content of more than 15%, so that the swimsuit can stretch freely with body movements. When swimming in a swimming pool, it is necessary to pay attention to the degree of adaptation of the fabric to the chlorine molecular content of the water in the pool. The swimsuit made of the most popular three-dimensional elastic fabric in the world is most suitable for use in low-temperature water or swimming. Because this fabric is hollow, it is easy to maintain body temperature. Try to buy as little as possible so-called "imported spandex high-elastic fabric". First, the spandex content of apparel fabrics is generally around 15%-20%, and second, imitation fabrics have extremely poor resilience after launching due to composition variation.


Workmanship and safety


Because swimwear is a practical and sporty garment with strong stretching force, it is best not to choose a style with more stitching. The beach swimwear series is best selected with a pleated line, which is not only beautiful, but also stronger in stretch.




The surface layer of the cotton swimsuit has the advantages of smooth and bright chemical fiber fabric. The inner layer is woven with pure cotton, which is non-irritating to the skin, and is especially suitable for those with skin allergies. The crotch of the swimsuit should have a lining, and the swimsuit with a lining will last longer. It is best to use after washing.




To swim in natural rivers, seashores and deep waters, you can choose an orange swimsuit or green swimsuit with a large contrast to the color of the water. In case of danger, the goal is more obvious and it is convenient for first aid.


Figure and skin


Those with oversized chests are suitable for wide-shoulder V-neck swimwear; those with undersized chests should avoid strapless swimsuits; flat chests are suitable for swimsuits with decorative pleats; those with oversized hips may wish to choose ultra-short swimsuits.


For those with thick waists and lacking moving curves, the assembled swimsuit can make up for the shortcomings, and the effect is very good after wearing; the legs are thick and short, then you can choose to cut out one piece swimsuit; the long and thin legs lack symmetry, flat-leg pants swimwear It is preferred.


Figure purchase


For thin women, use bright colors to emphasize the lines of the body. Never wear a dark swimsuit. It is best to wear a bathing suit with patterns on the whole body, so that people’s eyes are attracted by those patterns. The best choice for the style is shoulder swimsuit.


Obese women do not look slim because they wear shape-wear swimsuit. A colorful swimsuit with vertical stripes can be selected to show bodybuilding and youthful vitality; the three-point style should be avoided in the style, and the halter top swimsuit is more suitable.


The girls swimsuits in elementary and middle schools should be bright and eye-catching, showing the bodybuilding and liveliness of girls.


Women with large breasts should not wear tube top styles or thin strap halter styles, because the breasts can easily flow out if they can't hold it. It is best not to have steel rings for women with small breasts. In many cases, there will be a gap or even a large space before the chest and top, which is neither beautiful nor safe. It is recommended to choose a tube top with a thin cushion, with lotus leaf and flash decoration on it. Women with small breasts can also wear a thin swimsuit with halterneck.

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