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How to Choose Swimsuit Size?

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How to Choose Swimsuit Size?

How to Choose Swimsuit Size?

It is important to choose the right size of swimwear because swimwear has a very high requirement for fit. So how to choose a swimsuit size?


1. How to Choose the Size of Swimsuit


The swimsuit size problem still needs to be determined according to the situation. General professional athletes will choose one size smaller than their own size to wear, but as a general swimmer, choosing the suitable size is the best. Do not select a bigger size swimsuit because of being afraid to wear it tight. Because the full coverage swimsuits are made of spandex materials, in order to ensure the health of the swimming pool, drugs will be added to the water to maintain the water quality. These drugs will corrode the spandex swimsuits, so all the spandex swimsuits will be corroded and aged.


On the contrary, if swimsuit of a larger size is chosen, it is comfortable to start wearing, and it is not tight. But later the swimsuit will be bigger, and soon it will be too big to wear. In addition, the way to maintain the quality swimsuit is not right. Then no matter how expensive a swimsuit is, its life span is only for a few times.


3. Swimsuit Size Comparison Table


The comparison table of the size of female swimsuit is just a reference, not a fixed standard. Girls had better choose according to their actual situation.



Height 155-160, weight 82-104, 70A 70B 75A, waist less than 2 feet



Height 160-165, weight 104-120, 75A 75B 80A, waist 2 feet to 2.3 feet



Height 165-170, weight 120-140, 80A 80B 85A, waist 2.3 to 2.5 feet


4. Fit Standard of Swimsuit


(1) The shoulder belt should be snug, comfortable and not tight, and can provide effective support.


(2) The shoulder belt should be well supported, and should not be squeezed.


(3) Arms move freely.


(4) Good crotch covering.


(5) The elastic of shoulder belt is just right.


(6) If the edge of the swimsuit (neck, shoulder, arm, crotch) is deep into the flesh, it should be put on a larger size.


(7) If the swimsuit is curly after wearing, then the swimsuit is too large or too long, so try to wear a smaller size.


(8) If the swimsuit is tight, try on a larger size.


(9) Make sure that the swimsuit does not slide up when in physical activity.


4. Some Suggestions


(1) Pay Attention to the Fabric

In terms of fabrics, choose comfortable fabrics, for example, special Lycra from Europe and recycled fabrics.


(2) Elastic

The size of swimwear often varies with brand and style. As far as the two styles are concerned, the sizes of upper outer garments and bottom trousers are not the same. In addition, the preference for activities also affects the size of the swimsuit. For example, swimming fabrics stretch a little when they are wet, so it is better to reduce the size or keep it as it is when you more spend most of the time in the water. This factor is of great importance especiaaly when choosing plus size swimsuit such as plus size maternity swimwear, plus size swimsuit tops, plus size swimsuits with shorts and so on.


(3) Adjustable

When choosing a swimsuit, some minor adjustments may also be needed. For example, some popular styles have lace ups, so a personalized fit that is absolutely suitable can be found.


(4) Maintenance Carry-out

After wearing the swimsuit, wash it with clear water, and then lay it flat to dry. This maintains its stretch and shape integrity.


Take proper care of one’s favorite busty swimsuits to maintain their shape and support. This can also maintain a long-term investment of secy swim wear without having to change it all the time.

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