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How to Maintain Your Loved Swimsuit?

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How to Maintain Your Loved Swimsuit?

How to Maintain Your Loved Swimsuit?

Swimming is a very popular thing, and swimming equipment is like a weapon for soldiers to fight. Especially for those who love swimming, swimsuits are indispensable equipment. The maintenance of bathing suits is also very important. If the equipment is well maintained, it can extend the service life very well. Do you know how to maintain swimsuit for women, girl swimsuit and baby swimsuit?

How to properly maintain swimwear


1. Chemical products such as chemical agents and sunscreen products will reduce the elasticity of swimsuits, so try not to contaminate swimsuits. Wear covered swimsuit before applying sunscreen products.


2. Wet the bathing suits and swimming trunks with clean water before launching to reduce the corrosion of pool water or seawater; after exercise, rinse and replace the bathing suits in time, so that the sand on the surface of the bathing suits will not be brought into the inner surface of the bathing suits.


3. Stay away from rough rocky interfaces, which can easily cause wear or damage to the swimsuit surface.


4. Due to the special fabric of bathing suits, normally only need to wash by hand with water below 30 degrees Celsius. Do not use alkaline detergents, washing powders, soaps, disinfectants, bleaching substances.


5. Do not squeeze the swimsuit, roll the swimsuit into the dry hair, and let the dry hair absorb the excessive water in the swimsuit.


6. Chlorine or seawater in the swimming pool will cause the swimsuit to fade and harden, please wash the bathing suits of different shades separately.


7. Please tile or hang the cleaned swimsuit in a cool place in time to dry, pay attention to ventilation!


8. Stripped swimsuit should be stored in a cool place after drying. When storing, pay attention to ventilation and keep away from chemical substances such as cosmetics and laundry detergent. It is recommended to use a storage box for storage. To maintain ventilation and dryness, it is best to put some desiccant in the storage box.


9. Do not use a dryer or iron, or bleach, so as not to damage the material of borat swimsuit and deform the swimsuit.


10. Do not use the bathing suit for a long time in the bag or the trunk of the car to avoid discoloration due to heating. It should be washed with water and dried as soon as possible.


How to protect swimming goggles


1. After swimming, wash the goggles with clean water and put them in the goggles box. The advantage of this is to avoid some accidental damage to the goggles.


2. Do not expose to the sun or high temperature. The excessive temperature will damage the anti-fog performance of the goggles. If the temperature is high, the goggles will be deformed and the performance of the goggles will deteriorate.


3. When cleaning swimming goggles, be sure not to use organic solutions, such as alcohol. These organic solutions will cause corrosion to the lens, and the anti-fog effect of the swimming goggles will be greatly reduced, or even disappear.


4. If there is grease on the surface of the goggles, choose a neutral detergent, wash it with your fingertips, rinse with water, and prevent it from drying in the shade. 


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