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How to Make a Beautiful Round Beach Towel?

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How to Make a Beautiful Round Beach Towel?

How to Make a Beautiful Round Beach Towel?

The round beach towel is one of the most popular items for beach tourism this summer. Although you can buy beautiful beach towels, it is more interesting to make one yourself. Only a few feet of fabric and some edge decorations are enough. It is the perfect sewing task for novices.


1. Tools For Making The Round Beach Towel


The tools required for making round beach towels include cotton fabric, lace strips, scissors, yarn, marker pens and sewing machines. The cotton fabric is at least 1.5 meters wide, so make sure that the fabric you choose before buying is wide enough. If there is no cotton fabric, you can use linen fabric to make a Turkish style beach towel. And the lace strip is about 5 meters.


2. Steps To Make The Round Beach Towel


(1) First we need to fold the square cloth. If there is a pattern or print on one side, the side without the print will face outward. All edges should be aligned, and the folded fabric should be smooth for precise cutting.


(2) We need to cut a circle on the cloth. In order to cut a perfect arc, the diameter of the circumference should be equal to the width of the square fabric, which is also the largest circle that can be cut.


We can tie a string to a piece of chalk or a marker pen to make a temporary compass. Then we placed the chalk at the corner of any edge adjacent to the center point and tightened the rope to the center point of the fabric. Finally, we draw another arc with chalk, which looks like a quarter circle.


(3) We need to repeat the above steps four times. And we should use a sewing machine to sew the circular fabric we just cut out. We also need to make sure that the cut edge does not loosen.


(4) It is best to sew the decorative lace with a sewing machine. The important thing is to align the lace edge with the edge of the beach towel. We need to align the edge of the entire beach towel neatly, remember not to bend or pull too tightly. Until a whole circle is formed, it is best to leave a little space and cut the appropriate length.


(5) Finally, we need to wash the beach towel with warm water, and then dry it with low heat to make it fluffy.


3. Precautions For Making The Round Beach Towel


When cutting circular arcs, we must pay attention to that the fabric must be smooth, otherwise the arc will be unsightly. When sewing decorative lace edges, we should also pay attention to sewing slowly, the most important thing is to make the beach towel flat. We can also sew some other small ornaments on the edges according to our preferences.


When you are skilled, you can also try to make other more complex summer beach towels, such as striped beach towels, rainbow beach towels, etc. You can also make beach towels that kids like, such as unicorn beach towels, pineapple beach towels, spiderman beach towels, etc.

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