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How to Tell the Quality of Microfiber Towel?

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How to Tell the Quality of Microfiber Towel?

How to Tell the Quality of Microfiber Towel?

At present, among all types of towels, microfiber towels are the absolute mainstream. Towels directly contact with our skin and hair, thus the quality of which is very important. There are many brands of microfiber towels, such as Amazon Microfiber Towel, Home Depot Microfiber Towel, Kirkland Microfiber Towel, Walmart Microfiber Towel, etc. But when buying microfiber towels, how do you determine which is the best microfiber towel?


What Is Microfiber?


Superfine fiber is a kind of textile raw material, usually made of 70-85 polyester (polyester fiber polyester) and 30-15 nylon (polyamide fiber polyamide), which are blended into fabric. As for long velvet, short velvet, plain weave, waffle, warp knitting, weft knitting, coral velvet, etc., they are the types or structures of the fabric processed by different processes.


What Are The Characteristics Of Microfiber?


The fineness of ultra-fine fibers is extremely fine. These filaments are equivalent to small antennae, which can clean the surface structure more carefully. An excellent capillary effect is formed between the filaments. A large amount of dust, dirt and moisture can be adsorbed in the gap, and it is only adsorbed and contained between the gaps on the surface of the filament, rather than penetrating into the interior, so it is easier to clean and dry.


Quality Judgment Of Microfiber Towel


There are countless types of microfiber towels on the market. There is no doubt that we are more concerned about quality and the standard of quality judgment, that is, what kind of towel is a good towel. So how to judge the quality of towels? Here is a brief introduction for everyone.


1.Take a look, towels that usually focus on workmanship, the quality will not be too bad.


2.Touch it to have an overall experience of touch. This needs to be understood and compared with carefulness. Of course, good towels are not necessarily thick and soft. The thickness depends on the needs of use. Softness is only one of the indicators. Some towels are extremely soft, but the water absorption is very poor.


3.Twist it, you can experience the difference between thickness and density, softness and smoothness. But please note that some coral fleece can be very smooth and soft, but it will be very tired in practical use, especially after folding, it is easier to deform and take off, and the water absorption performance may be very poor.


4.Drag to see if the fluff will be pulled off, and it will definitely lose thread when you use it. Don't drill the horns, please moderate the intensity. In addition, some high-quality towels will have some originally broken thread after leaving the factory. This is the residue caused by the velvet or sanding process in the production process. The factory does not do additional treatment and washing. Just shake it and wash it once, don't take this as a thread loss problem.


5.Wipe the towels. Towels with different quality have obvious differences in water absorption efficiency. Pay attention that you should wipe. The test that throw a towel into the bucket is bluffing. Throwing anyone, it will suck a lot. However, the water absorption efficiency will not be the same when wipe it. At the same time, see if there is any thread loss during the wiping process.


6.Wash it, many towels will fade in the first washing, and even after washing a few times, they will still fade. Maybe this is just a problem of dyeing, not the quality of the towel itself, but the dyeing process also shows the quality attitude, no one wants to use a faded towel. In addition, after washing and drying, see if there is any change in texture, especially if the long pile is still soft and fluffy.


7. Wipe it again. If the towels lose their thread when they are used directly, but they won’t lose their thread after being washed, it’s still a pass. Those that still lose thread after washing can only be said to be defective. This point can already be judged when drag it.


Having introduced such tips, no doubt can you choose the most suitable microfiber towel, if you are tired of going to physical store, welcome to buy microfiber beach towels online! We provide mens beach towel, womens beach towel, travel beach towel and so on for you! Welcome to contact us!

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