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How to Wash Swimsuit to away from Deformation?

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How to Wash Swimsuit to away from Deformation?

How to Wash Swimsuit to away from Deformation?

When the hot body is soaked in cool water, it feels very comfortable at that moment. Swimming must be equipped with an important prop-swimsuit! In order to show yourself in the swimming pool, you will spend a lot of time choosing a beautifully modest swimsuits that suits your body and temperament, and come to a refreshing swimsuit show. But you will find that whether it is a one piece swimsuit or two piece swimsuit , it will easily become loose when worn several times. Why does this happen? How to wash to avoid the deformation of the swimsuit and thoroughly clean the swimsuit?


How to wash a swimsuit


Before swimming

1. If you wear sunscreen and sun oil all over the body, you should wait half dry before putting on your high neck one piece swimsuit. Generally speaking, the material of swimsuits and swimming trunks is made of stretchable polyurethane fiber, and chemicals such as sunscreen will destroy the elasticity of swimwear.


2. Avoid sitting on rough objects after wearing a solid and striped swimwear. Contact with rough surfaces such as cement floors, sand, and rocks can easily cause the skin of swimsuits and trunks to wear.


3. Wet the hottest bathing suits for 2020 and swimming trunks with clean water before launching. The lifespan of swimsuits and swim trunks is very short, mainly because of the corrosion of chlorine in the pool water. Soak the swimsuits and swim trunks with clean water before the water, which can reduce the corrosion of the pool water or seawater and increase the service life of the swimsuits and swimming trunks.

After swimming

1. After swimming, rinse your body before taking off your high waisted swimsuit. In this way, the sand on the surface of the swimsuit will not be brought into the inner surface of the swimsuit.


2. Do not squeeze the swimsuit, roll the swimsuit into a dry towel for example, microfiber bathing towel, and let the dry towel absorb the excessive water in the swimsuit.

After going home

1. Wash with warm lukewarm water immediately after arriving at home. You can use some neutral detergent (such as shower gel and shampoo) to soak for 10 minutes and wash it by hand. Do not use washing machine and bleach.


2. Rinse the swimsuit thoroughly. If the inner surface of the swimsuit is difficult to clean, the swimsuit can be soaked until the sediment is completely settled and then washed.


3. Do not squeeze firmly. Don't squeeze the skirted swimsuit too hard after washing. It is recommended to lay the swimsuit flat on a dry towel to allow the towel to absorb the moisture on the swimsuit. Let it dry naturally in a ventilated place.


4. Dry in a cool place. Swimsuits should not be exposed to the sun to prevent the fabric from drying out and becoming brittle.


1. Store the swimsuit in a cool place after drying. When storing, pay attention to ventilation and keep away from chemical substances such as cosmetics and laundry detergent. It is recommended to use a storage box for storage. To maintain ventilation and dryness, it is best to put some desiccant in the storage box. 


The above gives you some tips on how to wash your bathing suits.Hope it can help you. 

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