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Is An Underwear Needed under Swimsuit?

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Is An Underwear Needed under Swimsuit?

Is An Underwear Needed under Swimsuit?

When going to the seaside for swimming in summer, people often ask if they should wear underwear for swimming. This is probably the worry of many people in summer. Here, let's find out whether to wear underwear for swimsuit, and what will happen if they are worn or not. Let's have a look below.


1. Is It Needed to Wear Underwear When Swimming?


(1) Tight Swimsuit Without Underwear

If a tight swimming wear is worn, underwear is not necessary. Because the tight swimsuit design is more scientific and reasonable to meet the requirements of people's sports. The swimsuit material is generally elastic, flexible and non irritating to the skin. There is also lining cloth in the crotch of the swimsuit for basic friction protection.


However, underwear is not the same. It is very easy to carry water when it is wet, and it is not known which second or moment it will fall. Because underwear will absorb water, whether cotton underwear or not, as long as its material has water absorption, the body will feel uncomfortable after being wet, and it will lead to heavy fall between the legs due to standing water. Not only does it affect sports, but even when the trunks are not tied firmly, the heavier underwear may cause the swimming trunks to fall off when swimmer comes out of the water.


(2) Underwear Is Necessary for Loose Swimwear

Loose swimsuits are best worn with leggings (skintight). Because during swimming, especially breaststroke, the legs will also open. And because swim shorts can not fit tightly, there will be action and reaction in the process of movement. At the same time, the water flowing into the body may also bring bacteria into the body. If diseases are suffered, then the loss outweighs the gain, so it is recommended to wear underwear for loose swimsuits.


2. Tips of Anti Exposure Bottom for Swimming


(1) Do Not Do Vigorous Exercise

In general, vigorous exercise will cause the sexy swim dress to break the shoulder belt easily, so it is necessary to avoid large-scale exercise. Otherwise, swimsuits are easy to be exposure bottom. The back strap swimsuit is one of the most easy to be exposed one. It is not close to the body, and it is easy to be washed away and deformed by the current.


(2) Wearing Bikini Leggings

Some Leggings are convenient. They are anti exposure and also hidden in secy swim wear. Some bottoming pants have good air permeability, not only comfortable but also safe.


Swimwear is different from ordinary clothes in design. It is waterproof and has quick drying effect. Ordinary underwear will be very wet and uncomfortable after being soaked. There is not only a padded design but also a bra inside for the tight ladies swimwear, so it is enough to wear one swimsuit when swimming. Welcome to visit our website to choose most flattering swimsuits, mens short swimsuits, personalized beach towel and foldable beach mat.

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