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Is Microfiber Towel Safe For Skin?

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Is Microfiber Towel Safe For Skin?

Is Microfiber Towel Safe For Skin?

Basic knowledge of microfiber towels


The main material of microfiber towels is microfiber. Superfine fiber is a high-quality, high-tech textile raw material. Due to the small diameter of ultra-fine fibers, their bending stiffness is very small; the fiber feels particularly soft, with a strong cleaning function and waterproof and breathable effect. Microfibers have many fine pores between microfibers, forming a capillary structure, so if processed into a towel fabric, it has high water absorption. For example, this towel can quickly absorb water after washing hair and make hair dry quickly. Due to the good function of microfiber towels, it occupies a place in household daily use, beauty salons and hotels.


The microfiber towels in the household daily use industry mainly include dry hair towels, dry hair caps, bath towels, etc. The microfiber cloths for the beauty salon industry include beauty facial towels, microfiber hair towels, microfiber bath towels, microfiber beach towels etc.


Microfiber for skin cleansing


Online searches have found that people use microfibers on their skin every day. And it is basically a positive evaluation.


"Use it to wipe your face, even if you do not use skin care products, your face will not feel tight. The microfiber facial towels can absorb the oil in the pores. The material of the fine fiber towel is a general chemical material for textiles. It will not harm the skin. "


"Best microfiber towel for curly hair are very easy to use, they are very absorbent, and they don't lose hair, so they will be repurchased next time."


Many people buy microfiber bath towels and think that using a soft cloth feels cleaner and softer. It does a great job of completely removing makeup. Many women simply use it as a combination of makeup remover cloth and hot water as the last step of makeup remover. After cleansing, dry your face with a microfiber cloth, the experience is great because it is soft and sweat-absorbent.


People with allergies or people who are allergic to chemicals will like microfiber cleaning towels very much. Because they do not need to use any chemicals when wiping. Microfiber cleaning towels can be used repeatedly and are very durable. After each use, just put the cleaning towel in clean water to wash it, and it can be restored as new.

Performance characteristics of microfiber towels


High water absorption

Strong detergency

Does not depilate

Long life


Due to its high strength and toughness, the ultra-fine fiber has a service life that is more than 4 times the service life of ordinary towels, and it remains invariable after multiple washings. At the same time, polymer fibers do not produce protein hydrolysis like cotton fibers. Even if they are not dried after use, they will not be moldy, rot, and have a long life.


Easy to clean

When ordinary towels are used, especially natural fiber towels, the dust, grease, and dirt on the surface of the object are directly absorbed into the fiber, and they remain in the fiber after use and are not easily removed. Long-term use may even harden and lose elasticity. The microfiber cloth/towel absorbs dirt between the fibers (not inside the fibers). In addition, the fiber has a high fiber density and high density, so the adsorption capacity is strong. After use, only clean with water or a little detergent.


Other benefits of microfiber cloth


Microfiber is environmentally friendly. Many women have replaced disposable cloths and chemicals with products made of ultra-fine fibers.


Superfine fibers are very economical. For example, these microfiber cloths are cheaper than other clothes.


The ultra-fine fibers are reusable, easy to clean and dry.


As a whole, ultra-fine fibers are very obvious in the market because of their characteristics. They are suitable for related applications such as entrepreneurship, corporate welfare, gift giving, and hotel industry.

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