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Is there Special Material Composition of Microfiber Towel?

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Is there Special Material Composition of Microfiber Towel?

Is there Special Material Composition of Microfiber Towel?

Most of the towels are used to wipe the face, so everyone will pay special attention to the quality of the towel. A good quality towel will not only not fade the color and lint, but also feel very comfortable. Microfiber face towel is the one towel that is highly sought after by consumers. Microfiber bath towels are made of natural green color, chemical-free and preventing health hazards to the human body, but also have good breathability, comfort and strong water absorption. And it won’t fade, lint and pill during the use. Today we will learn some knowledge about microfiber towels.

Material Composition Of Microfiber Towels

Superfine fiber, also known as microfiber, fine denier fiber, ultrafine fiber. Microfiber is its English name. The components are mainly composed of polyester and nylon polyamide (Domestic is generally 80% polyester 20% nylon. And 100% polyester which is poor water absorption effect and poor feeling). The fineness (that is the thickness) of general chemical fibers is mostly between 1.11 ~ 15 deniers and the diameter is about 10 ~ 50 microns. The fineness of the ultrafine fibers we usually talk about is between 0.1 ~ 0.5 deniers and the diameter is less than 5 microns. The fineness is 1/200 of the hair silk, 1/20 of the ordinary chemical fiber, the fiber strength is 5 times (durability) of the ordinary fiber, the water absorption speed and the water absorption are 7 times the ordinary fiber.


Microfibers are smaller than natural silk. The weight of a kilometer is only 0.03 grams. It does not contain any chemical components. The biggest feature of microfiber fabrics is that microfibers have many fine gaps between microfibers. Thus forming a capillary structure, processed into towel fabrics which has high water absorption. The microfiber towels used for hair can quickly absorb the water and make the hair dry quickly. The microfiber cloth have super water absorption and fast water absorption and other characteristics. It can carry more than 7 times its own weight of water, the water absorption is equivalent to 7 times that of ordinary fibers, the speed of water absorption is 7 times that of ordinary towels, the fiber strength is 5 times that of ordinary fibers (durability). So the water absorption of microfiber face towels is far superior to other fabrics.


The microfiber has a capillary structure and a large surface contact area, so the coverage of the microfiber fabric is extremely high. The surface of the microfiber is in contact with dust or oil more often, the oil and dust from the microfiber have more opportunities to penetrate the gap, so the microfiber has a strong decontamination and cleaning function. The microfiber towel can penetrate deep into the pores of the skin and effectively remove dirt, oil, dead skin, and cosmetic residues on the body surface to achieve beauty.


Due to the small diameter of the microfiber, its bending strength is very small, and the fiber feels particularly soft. The seams is very small between the diameter of the water droplets and the diameter of the water vapor droplets, so the microfiber fabric has the effect of waterproof and breathable. And it can overcome the shortcomings of natural fibers such as easy to wrinkle, not breathable and so on. Its durability is more than five times that of ordinary fabrics. Microfiber is used to make microfiber bath towels, microfiber bathrobes etc. Which is softer and more comfortable to wear.


Microfibers are not only used in people's home life, but also widely used in various industries such as car maintenance, mulberry bath hotels, beauty salons, sports goods, daily necessities and so on.


1. When cleaning furniture, home appliances, kitchen utensils, sanitary ware, floors, leather shoes, and clothing, be sure to use wet microfiber cleaning cloth not dry microfiber cleaning towels, because dry microfiber cloth are not easy to clean after they are dirty.


Attentions: Microfiber cleaning towels or cloth must be cleaned in time after they are dirty or stained with tea. Do not wait for half a day or even a day before cleaning.


2. The microfiber dish cloth can not be used to wash the iron pan, especially the rusty iron pan. The rust on the iron pans will be sucked by the microfiber towel and is not easy to clean.


3. Do not iron the microfiber bath towels with an iron and do not touch hot water above 60 degrees.


4. Microfiber body towels can’t be washed in the washing machine together with other clothes (Microfiber towels are too strong for adsorption, if you wash them together, they will stick a lot of lint and dirt), and you can not use bleach and soft towels to wash microfiber cleaning towels.


5. For young people and babies with sensitive skins, don't use microfiber beauty towels too hard, just wipe gently at the first time. And it will be fine after a few days. (Because the ultra-fine face clothing is quite thin, it is only 1/200 of the hair, it is cleaned thoroughly and has strong absorption).


 6. Wet microfiber cloth are more rotten than dry microfiber towels and are more susceptible to the bacteria.

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