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Make A Tie-dye Beach Towel

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Make A Tie-dye Beach Towel

Make A Tie-dye Beach Towel

When the hot summer comes, everyone is in the mood for a vacation. A seaside holiday is always the first choice for summer, then the beach towel for every member is a practical and stylish outfit to pack when you set off.


Beach towel is one of the towels, which is made of pure cotton yarn and is a bit larger than bath towels. And its dominant feature is colorful and rich in patterns, quick dry and light weight, we also called it quick dry beach towel or light weight beach towel. It’s mainly used for outdoor play, scrubbing and covering up after exercise, but also used for lying on the beach or on the grass. Most people choose beach towels that are made of pure cotton with beautiful color patterns.


Functions of beach towels


Beach towels are relatively large in size and they can be wrapped around the waist and draped over the body like the bath towel. Also it can be tied around the head and neck as a cover-up ornament, with one side of the towel being protected from the tide and the other side being laid on the beach for sunbathing. In fact, the biggest role of beach towels is to quickly dry the water of people's bodies, because when the skin is in a wet state, the sun's ultraviolet rays in the sun will reflect through the reflection of the pool or sea water, causing the sun's effect three times than in dry state. If you don't dry off the water after swimming, you will easily suffer red spots, sore skin and blisters, so when everyone is playing in the water or swimming outdoors, make sure to carry a beach towel. Whatever it is the round cotton beach towel or rectangle microfiber beach towel, both will be extremely useful.


The Craftsmanship of Beach Towel


Since beach towels are generally used outdoors, their appearance is generally more sophisticated and beautiful. In terms of craftsmanship there are two types: jacquard beach towels and printed beach towels.

Jacquard beach towels are generally thicker and more absorbent, but due to the technical limitations of the jacquard process, jacquard beach towels generally have fewer colors and simple patterns.


Printed beach towels are generally active back printing beach towels, active printing is a relatively advanced printing and dyeing technology.  The active printing fabrics are bright in color, good in color fastness, soft in feel. They can be washed frequently without fading color.


How to tie-dye a beach towel


Materials required

Before starting any process project, the easiest way is to get all your materials together. For tie-dye beach towel we need is con-tact paper, white beach towel, Simple spray dye, photocopy paper, pen, scissors, paper towel, and newspaper.


Printing and dyeing steps

1. Write the words or patterns to be used on the con-tact paper. Such as the words “I love you summer”, beach towel with stripped pattern called stripped beach towel. Beach towel with“mermaid pattern”that becomes the mermaid beach towel.


2. Use scissors to carefully cut out the letters or patterns on the sticky paper.


3. Lay the newspaper flat on the floor, then lay the white beach towel flat on the newspaper.


4. Carefully peel off the back of each con-tact paper and attach it to the white beach towel. Once there's a place to fall off, press it firmly.


5. After reading the instructions for simply spray fabric paint, start decorating the towel. To avoid dripping paint on your letters or patterns, please follow the advice of simple sprayers who suggest you start spraying on paper towels and then move them to your beach towel and end in the same way. By following this simple tip, I found this dye will be very easy to use.


6. Paint the white beach towel with multiple colors or several colors as needed. Since Con-Tact paper is not absorbent, it is normal for fabric paint to gather above the letters or patterns.


7. Once you put the paint on your towel, set it aside and let it dry. Once it is dry enough, wipe off any paint from the Con-Tact paper with a paper towel and tear off the letters or patterns to reveal your finished product. And at last follow the wash and dry instructions that came with Simple Spray.


8. With a unique beach towel . You're going to be the most eye-catching one on the beach!


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