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Only One Thing between You and Bikini: Microfiber Beach Towel!

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Only One Thing between You and Bikini: Microfiber Beach Towel!

Only One Thing between You and Bikini: Microfiber Beach Towel!

What do you like best to see on the beach? The beauty in bikini is absolutely popular on the beach. But now there are different ways to attract people besides the beauty in bikini. This is the microfiber beach towel.


Why do you need microfiber beach towel?


Beach towels are mostly used by the sea. For example, there's a lot of water on people who are just coming out in the sea. At this time, if there is a beach towel with good water absorption, it can quickly dry the water on the body. The more comfortable it is in contact with the skin, the better it is. So the microfiber beach towel is a good choice. Because the water absorption of microfiber is very good, and the feel is also very comfortable.


In addition, the beach is not as clean as at home, so using beach towels is very easy to dirty. compared with ordinary products, the anti-fouling properties of microfiber products are very good, such as microfiber bath towels, microfiber face cloths. So the microfiber beach towel is also very good to use on the beach.


What's more, the service life of microfiber beach towels is also very different from that of ordinary beach towels. The service life of microfibers is much longer. The use time of general cotton products can reach 3 months, but the service life of microfiber can reach 6 months.


Nowadays, the microfiber beach towel can be customized for printing production, so the beach towels are becoming more and more beautifully patterned and the selection is growing.


What is the working principle of microfiber beach towel?


The microfibers can absorb dust, particles, and liquids that are 7 times their own weight. Each microfiber is only 1/200 of the hair. This is the reason why the microfibers have superior cleaning ability. The voids between the microfibers can attract dust, grease, and dirt until they are washed away with clean water or detergent. These voids can also absorb a lot of water, so microfibers have strong water absorption. And because it is only kept in the voids, it can be dried quickly, so it can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria.


For ordinary fabrics, there will be residues left on the surface of the cleaning cloth. And because there is no voids to accommodate dirt, the surface of the rag will be very dirty and difficult to clean. Because microfiber fabrics have countless tiny voids to store dirt. After cleaning, it is still a clean and smooth microfiber cleaning towel. It can be used with detergent to emulsify dirt and oil stains, making dirt easier to clean. Due to its high water absorption, it can clean the spilled liquid very quickly.


Because of the strength and toughness of the microfiber, the microfiber travel towel will not deform after washing for many times. At the same time, polymer fiber will not produce protein hydrolysis like cotton fiber, even if it is not dried after use, microfiber rags will not be moldy, rotten, and has an ultra long life.


Microfiber beach towels not only have a soft touch, exquisite printed patterns, but also have the characteristics of comfort, water absorption, skin-friendly. So why not take the beautiful beach towel with you this summer?

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