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Swimwear Purchase Rules You Should Follow

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Swimwear Purchase Rules You Should Follow

Swimwear Purchase Rules You Should Follow

There are also some rules to be paid attention to when new swimsuit are purchased. In this way, people can buy their favorite and suitable swimsuits. Let's take a look below.


1. Swimsuit Purchase Rules


(1) When buying swimsuits, try the best to choose the swimsuit shop that is standardized and reputable, and keep the invoices and other shopping receipts, so that legitimate rights and interests can be effectively protected if quality problems occur.


Two rules should be followed when buying swimsuits, namely ‘comfort’ and ‘next to the skin’. Many beauty loving female friends often only pay attention to beauty and ignore the importance of comfort, which can be called ‘slapping one's face until it is swollen in an effort to look imposing'. This is very undesirable. No matter what is worn, comfort is the most important thing. In addition, the fabric of swimsuit for women  is elastic. After entering the water, the gravity of the water will have the phenomenon of pulling the swimsuit. If it is not next to the skin enough, it may slide down.


Third, swimsuits belong to practical sports clothes with strong stretching force. It is very easy to burst at the seams from split joint with large amount of exercise. This requires that when buying swimwear, the fastener, sling, lanyard and other details for firmness should be carefully checked. Try not to choose the style of swimsuit with more splices, so as to avoid making a fool of oneself when taking part in swimming. Generally speaking, the fabric of a swimsuits for all body types is very tight. The elasticity is not the greater the better, but the resilience and recovery should be better. It is the standard of a good swimsuit to stretch many times and still return to the original.


2. Key Points of Swimsuit Purchase


(1) Material Density

The first thing to look at is the density of the swimsuit material. At least 48 stitches or more in density, such swimsuit is breathable and not too sticky.


(2) Material Composition

Check the component labels of swimwear, among which spandex should account for 18% - 20% and nylon about 80%. These are the preconditions to ensure the elasticity index, recovery rate, washing resistance rate and chlorine resistance of swimwear.


(3) Rebound Resilience

The elasticity of swimwear is also very important. A one piece swimsuit with skirt is a swimwear that has good resilience and can recover well after several times of stretching. In this way, it can not only avoid the sagging of the swimsuit due to the dragging force of the water, but also avoid the discomfort caused by the clothes being too tight and being caught into the skin. Before purchase, it is recommended to try on the swimsuit first. Do some large-scale sports, and check whether the swimsuit is always comfortable and next to the skin. It is not recommended to buy if it is too tight or too loose.


(4) Fit or Not Fit

Different manufacturers have different sizes of products. Choose the most suitable size, and too big or too small is not appropriate. Here, the physical size should be paid attention to, not just the size on the label.


(5) Comfort

Make sure the swimsuit is comfortable to wear and feels good to walk around. Make sure it does not slip or squeeze the body when it is put on.


According to the above points to buy swimsuit, you can definitely choose the best swimsuit no matter high cut swimsuit, full body swimsuit or off the shoulder swimsuit. Welcome to buy swimsuit online!

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