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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Microfiber Towel

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Microfiber Towel

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Microfiber Towel

Microfiber towels are towels that are made with a special blend of fibers, usually polyester teamed with polyamide or some other type of nylon fiber. Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of microfiber towel?




The fabric made of micron fiber has the characteristics of softness, smoothness, good air permeability and easy to maintain and clean. The biggest difference with traditional chemical fiber is that the thin fiber is more breathable, softer and comfortable than the circular structure fiber.


The fabric is extremely soft to the touch. Fine fibers can increase the layered structure of the silk, make the reflected light inside the fiber more distributed on the surface, make it have a silk-like elegant gloss, and have a good Hygroscopicity. In addition, microfiber towel has strong cleaning power. Microfiber can absorb dust, particles, and liquids 7 times their own weight.




Due to the strong absorption of microfibers, microfiber products can not be mixed with other items, otherwise it will be stained with a lot of dirt. In addition, you can't iron the microfiber towel with an iron, and the microfiber towel can't mix with the hot water above 60 degrees.




The surface of the microfiber gym towel is soft and fine flocked, with good water absorption and antibacterial properties. When used in sports, it can make the sweat dry immediately, its soft texture will make you feel more comfortable. And it can be used for bathing, its strong adsorption can effectively remove dirt and dead skin cells on the skin surface, which is an essential good product for healthy and comfortable life.


The microfiber face cloth can penetrate into the pores through its adsorption force, wash off the dirt in the pores and the aged horniness on the skin surface. Then with simple skin care liquid, the skin will become white, smooth, tender, fresh and comfortable, so as to achieve the beauty effect. For young men and women who have acne in adolescence, the microfiber face cloth can play a deep cleansing pores in the excessive secretion of oil to avoid the redness and swelling of acne caused by bacteria.


The best microfiber hair towel has the characteristics of mildew - resistant, antibacterial, soft and delicate. Its surface is fine and fluffy. It has super absorbent property that ordinary towel doesn't have. When it is used, it won't damage the hair at all. After bathing or shampooing, wrap the long hair in the microfiber hair towel, dish it into a twist braid and buckle it to the back of the head according to the instructions, which won't interfere with your other activities such as watching TV and doing housework.


The multi-purpose microfiber cleaning towels are based on the characteristics of strong water absorption, strong decontamination, no depilation and easy cleaning. No matter it's high-grade furniture, glassware, window mirror, ambry, wooden floor, even leather sofa, leather shoes and so on, you can use this kind of high-efficiency microfiber wipes to wipe and clean. It does not leave water marks, and does not require any detergent. It can not only reduce the labor intensity of household cleaning, but also greatly improve the labor efficiency.


Choose high-quality microfiber towels to obtain functionally efficient and durable products such as microfiber bath towels walmart.

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