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The Brief History of Men' s Swimming Trunks

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The Brief History of Men' s Swimming Trunks

The Brief History of Men' s Swimming Trunks

The definition of how men wear on the beach is different in each period. The earliest men' s bathing suits came from bathing. Most humans were naked when taking a bath. The problem is that most bathing places in Europe are in public places, such as by a small river or lake. So at the end of the 19th century, some places in Britain required men to wear men' s short swim trunks when taking baths in public.


As we all know, there are many types of women' s swimwear. In fact, men' s swimwear can also be divided into many types, such as boy short bikini bottoms, multi functional short, board short bathing suits and so on. Let's take a look at the development history of men' s swimming trunks over the past 80 years.


1. In 1915


At the time everyone was very conservative. Just like the current one-piece women' s swimwear, men' s swimwear wraps all important parts. The sailor-style one-piece swimsuit was expensive at the time.


2. In 1925


At this time, men' s swimming trunks are mostly dress-style design. The deep V on the chest just highlights the temptation of men' s chest muscles.


3. In 1935


The belt-type swimming trunks appeared. The men loosened the shackles of the upper body and finally exposed the proud chest muscles to people. Since then, people have begun to pursue more comfortable feelings. Of course, fashion sense is also very important. The decoration of Superman's trousers also rounded up the superman dreams of many men as children.


4. In 1945


Sporty swimming trunks appeared. The decoration of Superman's belts is replaced by a more practical belt. In fact, there is no big change in general. It's just that people started paying more attention to practicality.


5. In 1955


At this time, the style of short swimming trunks did not change much. It's just that everyone started to choose brighter colors.


6. In 1965


Beach projects are becoming more and more popular, and surfing was the most popular sport at the time. Swim short trunks are mostly Hawaiian styles with various patterns.


7. In 1975


Swimming briefs became popular. This is the era of personal liberation. The colorful swimming briefs with cool sunglasses are very handsome.


8. In 1985


At this time, swimming trunks are mostly casual lattice style. Light-colored and slightly long boxer trunks are perfect for summer.


9. In 1995


Long and loose short swimming trunks became popular, especially in the United States. It has almost become a necessity for American men on the beach. Until now, this style of swimming trunks can often be seen in shopping malls.


The material of swimming trunks needs to be selected carefully. It is best to buy branded swimming trunks as much as possible. No one wants the swimming trunks to be transparent or loose on both sides when they come out of the pool. It is best not to use underwear as swim shorts. Because the fabric of the underwear is mostly pure cotton, it is easy to absorb water after launching. It will cause the underwear to be heavy and make the underwear loose, which is very uncomfortable.

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