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The Classifications of Swimsuit You Should Know

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The Classifications of Swimsuit You Should Know

The Classifications of Swimsuit You Should Know

When women wear two kinds of clothing, they are most likely to attract everyone's attention. One is evening wear, and the other is swimwear. Indeed, these two costumes are the most representative of women's beauty-evening dresses bring out the gorgeous and feminine aspect of women, while swimsuit outlines women's fresh and body-building spirit. What swimsuits can we choose?


Classification of swimwear


Two-piece swimsuit

The two-piece type refers to a suit in which the top and the pants are separated. There are a bikini type and a general two-piece head type. The bikini type is also called a three-point type, which is characterized by very little material. There is no denying that the three-point swimsuit is the most attractive. If you have an impressive figure and absolute self-confidence, this style of swimsuit can be the first choice.


One-piece swimsuit

There are shoulder straps and tube styles in a one-piece swimsuit, as well as Chinese style collar designs. A strapless swimsuit with a top like a vest is very traditional and is the most popular style. In fact, although the shoulder-strap swimsuit is ordinary, but through the change of the shoulder strap, you can still find something special, such as the one-shoulder head that was popular abroad in the past few years. In addition, the deep open chest and the swimsuit with a winding style are the best modification for the upper and lower body shape. Moreover, adding a unique decoration on the bust line can make the figure more perfect.


Flat-angle swimsuit

For women who are unwilling to express themselves, the boxer swimsuit is more conservative, but its disadvantage is that it will make the legs appear short, so choose carefully. The boxer swimsuit is also suitable for people with thin thighs.


High waist swimsuit

Ladies with slightly protruding lower abdomen should choose a high-waisted swimsuit, preferably with a twill, which can be used to lift the waist and divert attention to achieve the effect of modification.


Skirt swimsuit

For ladies with flat hips, choosing a skirt swimsuit is very suitable, which can not only beautify the lines of the hips visually, but also show the grace of the legs.


Split swimsuit

It is the choice of fashionable ladies, and ladies of good figure can choose.


Large V neck one-piece swimsuit

If your chest is full and your waist and hips are very fat, you can choose a one-piece swimsuit with a large V-neck, but the pattern should not be too fancy, otherwise it will affect the overall effect

Points to note when choosing a swimsuit


Spandex yarn content

The international standard of spandex yarn content is about 18%. A better swimsuit should reach 18% spandex content.



A good swimsuit should be very tight, of course, the elasticity is not the greater the better, but the rebound is better, and it can be considered to be able to return to the original state after repeated stretching. Note that swimsuits are not as expensive as possible.


Style and color

Swimwear styles and colors are also indispensable choices for everyone. This depends on your personal preferences.


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