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The Correct Way to Wear a Swimsuit

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The Correct Way to Wear a Swimsuit

The Correct Way to Wear a Swimsuit

Summer is a good time to go to the beach and  swimming pool. Of course, you will wear swimsuit when you go to the swimming pool. But before going, many girls were worried about swimsuits and underwear. Many girls don't know whether to wear underwear and swimsuit at the same time. This article can give you the answer.


Do Swimsuits and Underwear Need to Be Worn at the Same Time?


When you wear a underwire swim top, you don't need to wear underwear. Because the swimsuit is equipped with underwire, it won't embarrass you.


Do You Need to Wear Chest Paste When Wearing the Swimsuit?


You can choose to wear a chest paste or not. Most two piece swimsuit with shorts are loose, so wearing a chest paste can beautify your chest. Girls with small breasts can choose the silicone chest paste with gathering function. As long as the swimsuit fits, the chest paste will not fall.


Do You Need to Wear Underpants When You Wear a Swimsuit?


Swimwear is generally made of Lycra, cotton or polyester. These fabrics have good elasticity, softness and firmness. Choosing the right, fit swimsuit can fully show the figure of women, so there is no need to wear the full coverage swim bottoms and underpants at the same time. Because the shape of the underpants is not necessarily the same as the swimming top, the underpants may be exposed, which will make you feel embarrassed. And the water absorption of underpants is better than swimsuit. When you swim, the underpants will become moist. Wearing wet underpants for a long time will not only make you uncomfortable, but also harm your health.


Differences between Swimsuits and Underwear


Different Functions

Swimsuits are worn when swimming, which requires that swimsuits must be waterproof and elastic, and have little resistance to water when moving underwater. In order to achieve this, swimming trunks for ladies are designed to be very tight. The most important function of underwear is to protect women's breasts, which plays a supporting and shaping role. At the same time, underwear should also make people feel comfortable when wearing, so underwear must be skin friendly, breathable, with good moisture absorption.


Different Fabrics

The characteristics of swimsuits and underwear are totally different. Swimwear is mainly made of Lycra and polyester, which have good water resistance. Underwear is generally made of cotton and silk, which have good water absorption.


Different Appearance

Because swimsuits are worn on the outside, the design of swimsuits pays more attention to the visual effect. The material is relatively thick, the appearance is fashionable, and there are many styles and patterns. But the underwear is close to the body, generally will not be exposed, so its material is light, the color is monotonous, and the style is not as much as swimsuit.


Therefore, swimsuits cannot be used as underwear, and underwear cannot be used as swimsuits. Swimsuits are generally only worn in summer when swimming, and underwear should be worn all the year round. Swimsuits cannot replace underwear. Similarly, underwear cannot replace swimsuits. After wearing a swimsuit, there is no need to wear underwear. 

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