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Top Bikini Styles for Your 2020 Beach Trip!

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Top Bikini Styles for Your 2020 Beach Trip!

Top Bikini Styles for Your 2020 Beach Trip!

Temperatures around the world are soaring. Even Paris, which used to be very pleasant in summer, now has to install air conditioning. Now rushing to the sea, holding a buoy on the swimming pool is an impossible option. But before soaking in cool water, make sure you have at least one of the several popular swimsuit styles. Then swimsuit is a very suitable thing. The following will introduce the various styles of swimwear.


Bikini style "apron"


In the fashion style of 1990, bikinis were paired with thin square shirts and tied behind the back like an apron. It was very popular this year. In addition to the advantages of being suitable for girls with medium bust but not too bulky, bikini apron also helps to bring comfort when wearing, just like wearing a two-piece short top. For example, plus size one piece swimsuit, black one piece swimsuit and two piece swimsuit.


Bikini mixed with clothes


Choosing such a bikini is already beautiful enough, but if you mix your hands with the matching items, it will look more fashionable. This summer, many women have adopted a bikini with a T-shirt or short skirt style, making the beach and swimming pool full of vitality and colorful spots, like a real fashion show. For example, covered swimsuits and swimsuit with skirts are very popular.


Animal pattern


The fever known as "animal patterns" has not cooled down. From street-wear to beach fashion, you will easily encounter classic patterns that are popular everywhere. If you are looking for a simple, fashionable and attractive swimsuit with animal patterns like leopard print, tiger skin, snake skin, etc., animal print swimsuit, for example leopard print swimsuit is your best choice.


Bikini with steel ring


Bikini is inspired by a bra, with a push frame is one of the fashions when going to the beach this summer. They are small and neat, but well supported and help to make your bust look visible. Due to its excellent thrust, this type of swimsuit is suitable for many round shapes.


Triangle bikini tops


Triangle bikini tops are suitable for smaller busts, and many brands offer excellent adjustable coverage. These brands have adjustable cups and adjustable straps and neck buckles. Padded or removable cups add a bust shape to your bikini and help you create the perfect look.


The halter top swimsuit  


Halter top swimsuit is perfect for highlighting femininity through exaggerated style. The open-back neck has a smooth support bust shape, which is very suitable because they have tie neck buckles and they will help find your perfect body. And at the same time, it can increase the bust bulge. With a variety of colors and prints, you can easily find the ideal backless bikini for your holiday suit.


The appearance of high-necked bikinis adopts a sports style design, highlighting the trend of sports luxury, and is very suitable for wearing on and off the beach this holiday season. The high-neck style provides greater chest coverage and is ideal for grooming the chest and shoulders. The high neck one piece swimsuit is an important addition to your sportswear collection, ideal for those active beach days.


Choose a best swimsuits for body type, you can be more confident on the beach.

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