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What Are Performance Characteristics of Microfiber Towel?

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What Are Performance Characteristics of Microfiber Towel?

What Are Performance Characteristics of Microfiber Towel?

Microfiber is a non-polluting, high-tech new textile material with strong water absorption, good breathability, mildew resistance, antibacterial and other remarkable functional fabrics. It is a widely used home textile fabric. Microfiber beach towels are made of standard quality polyester nylon composite yarn with imported polyester pellets as raw material for polyester composite microfiber.

With a diameter of 0.4μm is only 1/10th of that of silk, the warp-knitted towel fabric made from imported looms has a uniform, compact, soft and highly elastic surface which has the excellent dirt removal and water absorption performance. There is no damage to the wiped surface and it does not produce the cotton fabric lint off. It’s durable and easy to wash . Compared with traditional cotton towels, microfiber bath towel has six main features.

1. High Water Absorption

Microfiber adopts orange petal technology to divide the filament into eight petals, which increases the surface area of the fiber and the pore space in the fabric and enhances the water absorption effect by capillary core absorption effect. Rapid water absorption and rapid drying become microfiber face wipes' distinguishing characteristics.

2. Strong Detergency

 0.4μm diameter of microfiber is only 1/10 of the silk , its special cross section traps dust particles as small as a few microns, the effect of decontamination and degreasing is very obvious.

3. No Lint Fell Off

High strength filaments are not easy to break. At the same time, using the fine knitting method, the fibers are not easy to fall off from the surface of the towel. It’s used to make microfiber cleaning wipes, microfiber car cloth are especially suitable for wiping glossy paint surface, electroplated surfaces, glass, instruments and LCD screens, etc.. When the glass is cleaned in the process of automobile filming, it can achieve a very ideal film effect.

4. Long Life

Because of the strength and toughness of microfiber, its lifetime is more than 4 times that of ordinary face towels. After many times washing, it’s  still unchanged. At the same time, polymeric fibers will not produce protein hydrolysis as cotton fibers. Even if not dried after use, it won’t be mold and rot that has a long life.

5. Easy To Clean

When ordinary bath towels are used, especially natural fiber towels, the surface of the wipe will be directly absorbed into the fiber of dust, grease, dirt, etc.. They will remain in the fiber after use, not easy to remove. And after a long time of us, it will even become hard and lose elasticity that affect the use. The microfiber cleaning cloth is to adsorb dirt between the fibers (not inside the fibers), coupled with the high fibre and density of the fibers, so the adsorption capacity is strong. After use, only need to clean with water or little detergent.


6. No Color Fading

The dyeing process adopts TF-215 and other dyes for microfiber materials. And the indexes of retardation, migration, high-temperature dispersion, and discoloration are up to the strict standards for export to the international market. Especially the advantage of no color fading so that it will not bring any trouble of decolorization and pollution when cleaning the surface of goods.


As a whole, the best microfiber towel, because of its unique characteristics, is very obvious in the blank market, they are suitable for related applications such as business start-up, corporate welfare, gift-giving, and wiping industry etc..

Microfiber face cloth do not shed hair or lose color when used. We also called it as lint free microfiber towel. This microfiber cleaning cloth is very delicate when knitted and has a very strong synthetic filaments, so there is no stripping. In addition, microfiber towels are dyed in strict accordance with the prescribed standards, using the best dyeing agents, so that customers will not lose color when using them.

Microfiber cloths last longer than regular towels. The fiber material of this towel is stronger and more resilient than common towels, so it will last longer. At the same time, the polymer fibers within it will not be hydrolyzed, so that it won’t be deformed after washing. Even if not dried, It will not produce an unpleasant smell of mildew. If you are interested in our microfiber beach towels, welcome to contact us!

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