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What Are the Pros and Cons of Beach Mat?

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What Are the Pros and Cons of Beach Mat?

What Are the Pros and Cons of Beach Mat?

If you like to lie on the beach or go camping in the countryside, you may need a sand free beach mat. Because the sandless beach mat can quickly remove sand, dust and silt in the surrounding environment. You can imagine you just got out of the sea and your body is wet. There is sand everywhere, and how inconvenient it is if there is no beach mat.


Advantages Of Beach Mats


1. Easy To Carry

The ultra-light weight and portable design make the sand proof beach mat easy to carry and reduce the burden when people go out.


2. Moisture-proof

When camping in the wild, the ground is generally very wet at night. Because the outdoor beach mat uses an aluminum film, it can play a role in preventing moisture. Even on wet beaches, the beach sand mat can meet people's rest requirements.


3. Insulation

Since the body is generally in direct contact with the ground when camping in the wild, the heat insulation effect of the bottom of the tent alone is not enough. So if there is a beach mat at this time, the warming effect will be much better.


4. Rich Colors And Diverse Patterns

The diverse patterns and colors of the beach mat can satisfy the preferences of people of all ages.


5. Easy To Clean

With a light rub, the beach mat can become clean. The surface layer of the beach mat is OPP color film. The ink is on the inner surface of the film, so there is no need to worry about the baby's contact. At the same time, the surface adopts anti-skid design, which is more safe and reliable.


Disadvantages Of Beach Mats


You can go to any seaside store to buy a straw mat, the price does not exceed 10-20 US dollars. But beach mats are much more expensive because of the different materials used. Of course, the design of the beach mat is better.


But in general, the convenience and comfort of these sandless beach mats are definitely more than negative factors. And there are reasons for the slightly higher prices of these innovative products.


What Should We Pay Attention To When Choosing A Beach Mat?


1. Size And Shape

The shape and size of the beach mat depends on how much you plan to put on the beach blanket. Most beach mats are rectangular or square, although most of us choose round beach mats.


2. Material

The beach mat is made of various materials, including waterproof polyester fiber, wool, nylon and microfiber. Some beach mats use fabric to prevent sand from sticking to the blanket.


3. Brand

The most important thing when choosing a beach mat is to choose a brand product and view the product safety inspection report. The quality of beach mats on the market varies, so it is best to check the safety certification when purchasing such products.


Summer has arrived, swimming is an indispensable outdoor sport. At this time, the beach mat is a necessity for those who like to go to the beach. The beach sand mat is not only suitable for beach sports and outdoor travel, but also for baby crawling, bedding, picnic etc.

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