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What Bikini Bottoms Should I Wear 2020?

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What Bikini Bottoms Should I Wear 2020?

What Bikini Bottoms Should I Wear 2020?

There are many styles of bikini bottoms to choose from. Each bikini bottom are actually suitable for various body types. The key is to find the most suitable one.


1. Bikini Bottom Style


(1) Brazilian Style

The Brazilian style is perfect for making the little hip look fuller. This style may seem intimidating, but this style is more suitable if with enough confidence to do so. However, if the hip is round or wide, it actually has the opposite effect, making the hip appear larger.


(2) High Waisted Bottom Style

The retro high cut swimsuit bottom increases the body's sexiness and emphasize the natural curve shape of the body. Because the high waist strap can lift the small buttock or flat buttock, it looks more lively.


(3) Fashionable Bottom Style

This style can highlight the waist and enhance the curve of the waist.


(4) Lace Up Bottom Style

This style is more suitable for flat hips. The straps on both sides of the lace up bottoms will attract people's attention to the sides of the hips, making the hips look more curved.


1. How to Choose the Right Girl Swimming Bottom


(1) Round Buttock (With Movement)

The vision focuses on the ‘T-shaped style’ and directly ignores the fat beside it. If the buttock type belongs to the buttock type with fat, and people have the habits of doing squats and other sports, it is recommended to choose the thong swim bottoms rather than full coverage swim bottoms, which will let people focus on the bikini bottoms, and then ignore the buttocks with much fat. This choice also makes the whole hip look better.


(2) Round Buttocks (No Movement)

Choose ‘convergence color’ and high rise swim bottoms. For office workers who also have round buttocks, but usually do less exercise and sit for a long time, it is recommended to avoid selecting colors and designs that will enlarge the buttocks, such as bright orange, yellow, etc. It is more recommended to choose swimwear with high coverage and large coverage area, and choose dark color, which can reduce the visual effect of hips.


(3) A-line Scale-out Hip

It is suggested to choose the style of ‘digging a little more outside the thigh’ for this kind of scale-out buttock, and change the emphasis to ‘how long is the leg’. In addition, it can also achieve complete decoration with dark color and micro T-cut, and effectively transfer the visual focus to the long legs. Shifting vision is the point.


(4) V-shaped Buttocks without Fat

People with this kind of buttock type are usually very slim, resulting in less fat buttocks. It is not recommended to wear swimsuits attire that cover hips too much because they will not hold up and become very shapeless. Therefore, ‘less cloth’ and ‘wrinkle at the back’ can achieve the double effects of tightening the hips and making the hips look cocky and fatty. In addition, ‘thick straps’ and ‘decorated with gold ornament’ swim shorts can also be chosen to achieve the effect of visual transfer.


When swimming, on the one hand, swimsuits should be worn to prevent from being exposed. On the other hand, it makes the body look good and perfect. Swimwear bottom is an important part of swimwear, and suitable swimwear can make up for the lack of stature.

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