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What Bikini Color Is Best for Me?

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What Bikini Color Is Best for Me?

What Bikini Color Is Best for Me?

For the girls who love beauty, wearing ladies swimsuit is not only for swimming, but also for taking beautiful pictures when swimming. So it is important to choose a suitable color. So what color swimsuit attire is best for different girls?


1. What Color of Swimsuit Is Good-looking


Black and white swimsuits are suitable for any skin color. Compared with the two, black is more practical and safer. It can properly cover up the shortcomings of the body, while white swimwear has a high demand for the body. Brown skin should be matched with warm swimwear, such as red swimsuit, neon orange swimsuit and multi-color mix. People with fair skin adopt cool colors system best, such as light blue swimsuit, olive green swimsuit and dark pink in warm color system, but do not use light color, such as hot pink swimsuit, because light gray color makes skin pale and weak, lacking vitality and strength.


2. Common Colors of Swimsuits


(1) White Swimsuit

White swimsuits give people a sense of cool. Black skin beauties do not have to worry about the effect of white adding black when wearing on the body. On the contrary, its light-reflection can give the skin a natural luster.


(2) Red Swimsuit

High purity red will also make the skin white, and the skin color of the girl with white skin will become whiter. The girls with black prone yellowish skin can also brighten their skin color.


(3) Rose Red Swimsuit

The rose red color is relatively mild, and the pink color in the red is very beautiful.


(4) Orange Swimsuit

Orange is very suitable for Asian girls' yellow complexion. It can not only improve their complexion, but also make people ignore the flaws on dark yellow skin. Therefore, orange swimsuit is more suitable for girls with black skin.


(5) Blue Swimsuit

Blue gives people a sense of calm, which is the most calm color. High brightness blue can set off the dark skin color better. There are royal blue swimsuit, navy blue swimsuit, light blue swimsuit, baby blue swimsuit and so on. You can choose the one you like.


3. What Color Swimwear Is Suitable for the Black Skin


The ideal situation for a darker complexion is to wear a peplum swimsuit in dark color system or pastel color. Dark color system appears generous and beautiful, and light color system appears healthy and sunshine. People with darker skin color have higher purity skin color, so they are suitable to choose colors with higher saturation. They are usually called pure colors, such as true red, positive green, bright blue, and national flag colors of various countries. They are not suitable for some colors that tend to be fuzzy (color mixing effect), such as grey green, mustard yellow, water blue, rose brown, etc.


In a word, it depends on the color of each person's skin to choose the best swimsuits for body type.



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