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What Bikini Suits My Body Type?

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What Bikini Suits My Body Type?

What Bikini Suits My Body Type?

It does not matter if the figure is not perfect. As long as the right swimsuit are selected, the effect is also very good. But first of all, the body type is needed to be understood, so that the right clothes can be chosen.


1. Knowing Body Type


The body type of ordinary women can be roughly divided into the following five types.


(1) Hourglass Type

Hourglass type is a rare type for Asian women. It has a very high demand for stature. Generally, the waist should be thin and the chest and buttocks should be relatively sticking out, which is called the hourglass type.


(2) Apple Type

This kind of type is very good to distinguish. The waist is thick, and the buttock is smaller. The leg is thinner relative to the waist.


(3) Pear-shaped

The body is slightly fat. The buttock is big, and the waist is not thin.


(4) Inverted Triangle Type

The feature of inverted triangle type is very obvious. That is, the body shape is with wide shoulders and narrow hips, and the waist is not particularly thin, so the whole looks like a strong athlete.


(5) Bodybuilding Type

It is also called H-shape. Not fat, but the waistline is not obvious, and the chest and the buttock are not plump enough.


2. Choose Swimsuit According to Body Type


(1) Hourglass Type

If it is this body type, pick and wear at will. If girls want to be sexier, select strappy swimsuit or low waist swimsuit attire.


(2) Apple Type

The draped cloth on the hem of the lotus leaf can just cover the fat on the waist and stomach, which is ideal. Another option is the black one piece swimsuit, because black looks the thinnest. In addition, choose one piece swimsuit with smart lines to achieve the effect of visual slimming through the direction and color of lines (The rule of consistent dressing: highlight with light color and weaken with dark color).


(3) Pear-shaped 

Most women with large hips will suffer from sagging, so avoid the triangle swim shorts, or the fat at the joint of hips and thighs will be exposed. It is recommended to select swimming trunk for ladies with dark boxer brief or skirt.


(4) Inverted Triangle Type

Never wear a halter, because a bikini with a halter will make shoulders wider and stronger. Sun-top can be worn, but the distance between two straps must be wide enough. The ladies swimsuits that are more suitable for girls with wide shoulders should be swimsuits with raglan sleeves. The sleeves should be dark and the body part should be light. In this way, the vision will focus on the body part, and the shoulders will not look too wide.


(4) Bodybuilding Type

Since the waistline is not obvious enough, it can be made artificially. Choose a two piece swimsuit with a high waist, as well as bodysuits with lines at the waist.


With a deep understanding of different body types,  There is no doubt you can choose the best swimsuits for body type.

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