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What’s Beach Towel?

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What’s Beach Towel?

What’s Beach Towel?

The hottest time of the year is coming. In the hot summer, many people will choose to go to the beach for vacation. Swimming and water entertainment are the best ways to defend the heat. What do we need to bring when we go on a beach vacation? In addition to the necessities such as swimsuits, slippers and sunglasses, beach towels are also very important.


1. Introduction Of The Beach Towel


Beach towels are generally made of pure cotton yarn and have a larger size than bath towels. And its main features are colorful and rich patterns. It is mainly used for outdoor play, body wiping and covering. It is also often placed on the beach or grass for people to lie on. There are many patterns on beach towels, such as shark beach towels, spiderman beach towels, mickey mouse beach towels and so on. Most people like pure cotton beach towels with beautiful color patterns.


2. The Use Of Beach Towel


Beach towels are relatively large in size and can be wrapped around your waist like bath towels. It can also be worn on the body or tied around the head and neck as a cover ornament. The most important thing is that it can also be placed on the beach, with people lying on the beach towel to bask in the sun.


In fact, the most useful effect of beach towels is to quickly dry the water on the surface of people's bodies. Because the ultraviolet rays in the sun will have three times the intensity of the sun on moist skin than when it is dry. If we don't wipe off the water after swimming, we may suffer from erythema, skin pain and blisters. So everyone needs to bring a beach towel when playing with water or swimming outdoors.


3. Production Process Of Beach Towel


The most popular beach towels on the market are cotton beach towels. The production process of beach towels includes cut pile process and printing process. What is the cut pile process and printing process?


Velvet is a treatment process for bath towels. Both sides of the bath towel from the loom are uneven, but the current printing products are required to be printed on a flat and smooth cloth. So there is the technology of cut pile.


Cut pile is to cut the coil in half, so that the bath towel is suitable for printing. High-level factories can make printed patterns as delicate as oil paintings. The beach towels made in this way are also more upscale when used as decorations. Now foreign products generally require cut pile, because cut pile products are delicate in color and comfortable to the touch.


With the development of the times, transportation is becoming more and more convenient. In the hot summer, people like to go to the beach to relax. There are soft sand and beautiful views. People of all ages can have fun on the beach. Remember to bring beach towels when you go to the beach. There are various beach towels you can choose, such as round beach towels, hooded beach towels, microfiber beach towels and so on.

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