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Which Bikini Bottom Is Most Flattering for Me?

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Which Bikini Bottom Is Most Flattering for Me?

Which Bikini Bottom Is Most Flattering for Me?

Choosing bikini is very learned. If the right style is chosen, it can not only foster strengths and circumvent weakness, but also properly show some small sexy. Let's take a look at how to select the most suitable hottest bikinis for sale according to the hip-full form.


1. Luxury Hip (Large Hip)


Recommendation: lace up on both sides style


If people are born with plump figure, the tummy control swim bottoms style with a printed pattern and lace up on both sides is the best. Lace up trim will flatter the hip width so that the crotch doesn't look too large.


2. Small Hip


Recommendation: hot pants style


When this style is first touched, people may feel a little blush, but this kind of cut with less cloth can best decorate the buttocks. It can make the small hip look fuller and the big hip look better.


3. Wide Hip


Recommendation: low waist and wide bottom style


If you want your hip become visually less wide, this kind of swim wear will certainly work, especially for women with pear-shaped body.


4. Bee Waist and Cocky Buttock


Recommendation: high waisted style


Women with hourglass waist and hip lines can boldly try a high waisted swimsuit bottoms.


5. No Fat in the Buttock


Recommendation: boxer brief style


Swimwear of this style is very suitable for women with little fat. It can not only show the slim and petite body, but also cover up the shortage of small hip.


6. Flat hip


Recommendation: lace up on both sides style


Women with flat hip are also suitable this type. lace up swimsuit can be adjusted flexibly according to its own situation, and even can lift the fat of the buttock up. It turns people's attention away from their hips to the straps on both sides.


7. Round Buttock


Recommendation: hot pants style


If the hips are plump, full and round, or the hips are wide, it is appropriate to choose two piece swimsuit with less cloth. More swimsuit cloth will make hip look bigger instead.


8. Square Buttock


Recommendation: low waist and wide bottom style


If the visual effect of ‘matrix’ is needed to be improved and the line sense of hips is needed to be increased, select the most classic low waist wide bottom. This style can also cover more fat.


9. Sagging Hip


Recommendation: high waisted style


The high waisted design can support the fat on the hip, making the waistline smoother and more shapeable.


10. Narrow Hip


Recommendation: boxer brief style


Narrow hips also have a visual sense of square, and the choice of a designed boxer brief swimsuit can solve the problem most.


11. V-shaped Buttock with Wide Top and Narrow Bottom


Recommendation: low waist and wide bottom style


If there is more fat in the waist, choose the bikini with low waist and wide bottom to avoid being squeezed out of a small belly by the swimsuit.


12. Peach Hip with Narrow Top and Wide Bottom 


Recommendation: high waisted style


This more old fashioned swimsuit can cover the fat of the buttock and emphasize the waistline. If the lines are obvious, this swimsuit can definitely maximize the advantages of it.


In a word, the bikini bottom should be chosen according to one’s own hip-full form. Welcome to buy bikini online and find the most flattering swimsuits.

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