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Why Does Microfiber Towel Smell ?

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Why Does Microfiber Towel Smell ?

Why Does Microfiber Towel Smell ?

Towel is a kind of woven fabric which uses textile fiber (such as cotton) as raw material, and its surface is fluffy. It is usually made of pure cotton yarn, a small amount of blended yarn or chemical fiber yarn, and woven by towel loom.


When the weather is hot, there are more and more opportunities for people to wash their faces and wipe sweat with microfiber face towels. Sometimes it does not take long for the towel to give off a strange smell, and it feels wet and sticky, which is quite uncomfortable. How to use the towel correctly? Now let's look at some precautions and cleaning tips.


1. Small Knowledge


(1) Dark color towel is more expensive than light color, and light color is more durable. Because the cost of dark color is higher, more chemicals are put in, and the dyeing time is longer, so the damage to the fiber is larger. And the darker the color is, the worse the fastness will be. It is best for children to use light colored ones. Do not buy embroidered towels.


(2) Wet towel is easier to rot and infect bacteria than dry towel.


(3) Hardening will occur over time.


(4) The fact that the new microfiber towel does not absorb water does not mean that the quality of the towel is not good or it is not pure cotton, but because a liquid auxiliary called softener is applied in the process of towel treatment. There are two kinds of towels. One is absorbent, and the other is non absorbent. The color of non absorbent products is particularly bright, as if the surface is coated with a layer of grease. So, when people want to buy absorbent towels, avoid those non absorbent towels which are very thin and bright.


2. Methods to Prevent Peculiar Smell of Towel

(1) After it is used, be sure to wash thoroughly with water.

(2) Wash it regularly with detergent.

(3) Be sure to dry it in a well ventilated place after utilization.

(4) Choose sterilized microfiber cloth or bamboo fiber towel, chitin fiber towel and bamboo carbon fiber towel.

(5) The most important point is to change towels for a short time. It is better to change them once a month.


3. Treatment Method of Towel Odor Removal

Towels should be washed and dried immediately, or exposed to the sun for sterilization, or it will be smelly.


(1) Soak in Lemonade

Soak in lemonade for one day, then wash it.


(2) The Washcloth Should Be Used Alone

It is suggested that the towel for face washing should not be used to wipe sweat, body, etc. It should only be used after face washing. Because when wiping the body with towel, the body's secretions, bacteria, dirt and grease are easy to attach to the towel. If they are not disinfected and cleaned regularly, they will become sticky or dry and hard. Therefore, it is better to clean the towel once a week.


(3) Boil

Heat a basin of water, and add 5 teaspoons of salt, then put in a towel at the same time. Boil it for 10 minutes. Take it out, then wash away the salt with water (This method is simple, and the washed towel is more durable). If the towel is still sticky, add another teaspoon of soda in the water.


(4) High Temperature Disinfection

Boil the quickie microfiber cloth in boiling water for 10 minutes, then wash it with detergent. Later take it to the ventilation place to dry. If it is a bit troublesome to boil with boiling water, take it to the microwave oven to heat it for 5 minutes after cleaning the towel, which can also achieve the effect of high temperature disinfection.


(5) Remove the Favor with Vinegar and Soda

According to the general washing procedure, add two spoonfuls of white vinegar to the washing machine, or add some hot water. Do not add detergent, softener or anything else, and directly start the washing machine. At the end of the cleaning process, add a little washing soap or soda powder to wash again, and most of the peculiar smell and stickiness can be removed. Before deodorizing, it is better to check whether the washing machine has peculiar smell. If so, add hot water and 2 cups of bleach and run the empty washing machine (Do not put any clothes).


4. Towel Becomes Hard and Sticky

(1) Add Alkaline Detergent or Salt for Cleaning

If the towel has become sticky or hard, add alkaline detergent to the water or rub it with salt. After washing, wash it with hot water, and then rinse it with clean water. Then the original color will be restored and the strange smell will be eliminated. If it still can not remove the peculiar smell, it means that the service life of towel is almost over. It is suggested to change a new towel.


(2) Boil with Soapy Water or Lye

In addition to regular cleaning, add soapy water or lye into the water at regular intervals, and boil the microfiber cleaning rags for several minutes. When boiling, the towel should be completely immersed in water to avoid oxidation and increase strength or even embrittlement in contact with air.


In our daily life, microfiber cleaning cloth is used almost every day. In summer, people like to go swimming, a microfiber beach towel plays an important role of drying the body. Therefore, it is necessary to understand these practical tips.

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