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Why Is It Important to Wash Microfiber Towels Properly?

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Why Is It Important to Wash Microfiber Towels Properly?

Why Is It Important to Wash Microfiber Towels Properly?

When using ordinary towels, especially natural fiber towels, the dust, grease, dirt, etc. on the surface of the object to be wiped are directly absorbed into the fiber and remain in the fiber after use. It is not easy to remove, and it will even harden and lose elasticity after a long time, which affects use. The microfiber cleaning towels absorbs dirt between the fibers (not inside the fibers). In addition, the fiber has high fiber fineness and high density, so the adsorption capacity is strong. After use, only cleaning with water or a little detergent will be enough.


In today's countless work environments, microfiber cleaning cloth, microfiber rags and mop pads are essential auxiliary tools. Hospitals, clinics, salons and car washes all depend on the high durability, efficiency and deep cleaning ability of microfibers. However, keeping them in good status is essential to obtain the maximum return on investment. Assuming that all towels and clothes can be washed in the same way, you or your employees may throw them into the laundry room without thinking about it with standard cotton or other materials. Although it is easy to do, it may have a serious negative effect on your microfiber. Following washing instructions will help keep towels and clothes soft and durable.


Separate Fabrics


The first thing you should do is to separate different microfiber towels and cloths according to their application. For example, if you have a set of tools for cleaning the inside and the outside of a car, they will encounter different types of dirt. Separate them to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. You should also pay special attention to washing bulk microfiber towels and do not mix with other materials of clothing. During the washing process, do not mix them with other clothing. Microfiber towels are too absorbent, and if they are washed together, they will stick a lot of hair and dirt, and bleach and softener cannot be used to wash towels.


Keep Cool


Another key factor in washing microfiber fair towels and clothes is keeping them cool. Choosing the lowest heat setting (or "cold ", if available) can prevent microfibers from overheating and melting. It is best to choose air drying for the drying of microfiber face towels. It tends to dry out quickly, much faster than you might expect.


To Sum Up


All of this may run counter to most of the laundry work you have done in the past, but following the correct procedure is critical. Choosing to use microfiber cloth and towels, you can resume your daily work as soon as possible (cleaning the surface, automatically decorating the hair or drying the hair), but if you wash them without care, it may seriously damage their performance.

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