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Will My Bikini Bottoms Stretch over Time?

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Will My Bikini Bottoms Stretch over Time?

Will My Bikini Bottoms Stretch over Time?

Do swimsuits stretch out over time?


First of all, I can say with certainty that the swimsuit will be extended over time. Swimwear, whether it is one piece swimsuit or two piece swimsuit, is one of the common items in life, in general, it will get bigger with time. Most swimsuits are mostly close-fitting, which can help swimmers swim in the water, but they will be eroded by the compounds in the pool for a long time after soaking for a long time. Therefore, the effect of getting close to the body is not good. In general, the swimsuit will be more loose.


What makes swimsuits stretch out?


The culprits that make your beloved swimsuit stretch are sunlight, chlorine, heat and time. These external factors seem to be inevitable. However, with proper care, your floral one piece swimsuit, bikini and swimsuit sets will be unscathed. The internal reason for your beloved swimsuit to stretch is the fabric of the swimsuit. Swimsuits are usually made of stretch fabric (more polyester), because the stretch shrinkage can be more tightly attached to the body. In the process of wearing, the body will stretch the elasticity of the fabric tightly. The effect of water flow during swimming will also have a certain negative effect on the elastic material. So after wearing for a long time, the elasticity will gradually relax, so the swimsuit feels bigger. At this time you can actually consider changing another new one-high waisted two piece swimsuit in the swimsuit stores.


How do I keep my swimsuit from stretching?


I believe everyone knows that elasticity is a very important part of swimwear. Swimwear relies on elasticity to be so close-fitting, without resistance in the water. However, after soaking for a long time, it will be eroded by the compounds in the swimming pool for a long time, so it will become ineffective. It cannot be ignored that the swimsuit will cross the loose. The fact is that you can hardly take any measures to prevent white one piece swimsuit from stretching, but there is a way to extend the life of the swimsuit.


1. Rinse As Soon As You’re Out Of That Water

Swimsuits should be cherished. Before going into the swimming pool, you must first wash under the shower and wet the bathing suits. After swimming, you should rinse the swimsuit repeatedly with clean water as soon as possible. Do not use detergent. Then dry the watch in the sun, which can extend the life of the swimsuit. The chlorinated water in the swimming pool is very damaging to the swimsuit. Whether you are sunbathing or just getting it out of the water, even if you do not plan to wash your swimsuit immediately, it is recommended that you wash your clothes with plenty of water.


2. Hand wash

If you want to increase the lifespan of swimsuits for women or swimsuits for men, you need to wash them by hand instead of throwing them into the washing machine. Because the swimsuits we choose are generally elastic. In order to maintain flexibility, don't lose the washing machine directly because of laziness.


3. Warm water and mild laundry detergent

Put the swimsuit set in warm water first, the water temperature should not be too high (about 30°), otherwise the fabric will be deformed or damaged. Pour mild laundry detergent into the water and soak the swimsuit for 10-15 minutes. In order to avoid discoloration of bathing suits, it is best not to use irritating detergents such as washing powder and detergent.


4. Avoid excessive squeezing 

In order to prevent the sponge pad of the swimsuit from deforming: it cannot be dried by a washing machine; it cannot be dried by a dryer; or it is blown dry by a hair dryer; nor can it be wrung out of the swimsuit. You can roll up the bathing suit with a towel, absorb most of the water, and then dry it.


5. Do not expose to sunlight

Swimsuit should not be exposed to the sun. When drying, be careful not to hang directly on the hanger, it will stretch the sling. It is best to fold it in half on a hanger.


Don’t forget to look at the effect of water when you choose the color of the swimsuit. After being soaked in water, the white swimsuit is the same as the knitted swimsuit. Be careful that it will make you look naked. There are many styles of swimsuits, go to the store and choose which one you want to pick the most. If you are tired of going out, buy swimsuit online is also a good idea for you.

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